Rhum in Corsica?

I’m going to Corsica end of October. Any recomendations (shop or bar)? Thanks in advance!!


I don’t know much places in Corsica for rum lovers, however, they make some nice rums :

It looks like a soft Jamaican style, pretty interesting so if you have the chance to taste it give it a try :slight_smile:


Wow, they do Rum in Corsica? They actually grow sugar cane on the island? That’s the only European rum I know which is not geographically rather from Africa than europe.

Edit. The homepage does not tell anything about the sourcing of sugar cane or molasses but about the raw materials for all the other spirits they produce. So probably or rather most likley it’s imported from elsewhere.


I have been twice to Corsica (Before my rum-time) and I highly doubt they grow sugar cane on that island.

I can fully recommend going hiking (GR20 or some smaller tours) and enjoy a mediterranean island without mass-tourism and french (corse) arrogance to the fullest. I love the island and everything about it.

Would love to read if there are actually rum places on the island.


Good morning,
thanks for your anwers!
Hiking it will be. :grinning: :grinning: