Rhum vs. Whisky inquiry

Why do you prefer RHUMS instead of WHISKY?

I prefer both. :slightly_smiling_face::clinking_glasses:


I love both…and Armagnac…and Cognac… :blush:


I prefer Rum, because for me it is much more diverse than Whisky. That does not mean, that i do not drink Whisky at all :wink:


I prefer Rum for some reasons:

  1. I have the feeling of having a much more complete view to the market of rum compared to whisky. To me it is absolutely impossible to have even a rough overview of Whisky releases but for rum that is at least possible and if I like I can taste many new releases thanks to the splitted bottles here
  2. Rum seams to bring a broader spectrum of flavour into my glass
  3. Rum often is/was more affordable compared to whisky
  4. The category of Rum spirits is still moving forward (looking at what Ferrand is doing in Barbados)

That’s a simple question resulting a complex answer.

I assume many rum lovers are coming from whisky. At least I did, but the spirit hobby never reached the level when I was still drinking whisky.

For me it’s two things.

Personally I simply prefer the taste of good rum over good whisky. The best whiskys I had (and I had good ones) didn’t come close to a tropical aged Demerara, Caroni, Appleton Hearts, an old Neisson, Depaz etc.

The other thing is culturally. Rum is an important aspect of Caribbean culture :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :sun_behind_rain_cloud:, as is music (Reggae, Ska, Cuban, Cumbia, Calypso etc.), literature (Garcia Marques, Hemingway has a strong connection too, Cabrera Infante etc.) and Cigars. All things I strongly love. Whisky has different cultural roots. Interesting too, but… :thinking:

It’s a personal thing at the end. It’s absolutely emotional and absolutely not rational.


I Think this is an important point. Whenever i drink Rum i feel a bit like i am in the Caribbean, sun and beach, Reggae & BBQ, relaxed people. Whisky will put me in the scotish highlands, sometimes nice, but nothing you want to have everyday.
So it is also a lot about feeling and not only taste


I clearly prefer rum over whisky as I don’t like the taste and smell of fusel oil. I have a friend who is a whisky collector, so I have tasted very good ones. But the ones I liked very much where awfully expensive. As RumTaTa was saying, a very good whisky is much more expensive than a very good rum.

And there is nothing in the spirits world to be compared with a great tropical aged Caroni or Demerara, there is nothing close to a good Jamaican. My opinion of course :innocent:.


I prefer r(h)um now, but I’m still a big fan of Laphroaig whisky and, to some extent, of Bruichladdich and Kilchoman. I like the diversity of different rum styles compared to whisky, but there are some really good, delicious and affordable whiskys readily available as well (Talisker 10, Deanston 12, Bruichladdich Bere Barley and especially Laphroaig 10 CS need to be mentioned here). Armagnac is nice as well, but for me personally doesn’t hold a candle to the enjoyment I get from a good Hampden, Foursquare or TDL.

With these three distilleries I think I’ve found my favourite rum distilleries for now, though at rum nerd level my taste is probably mainstream lol. But who knows, taste can change and your current favourites might just be a snapshot during your spirits journey. Someday I might be able to understand why people pay absurd amounts of money for Caroni and Demeraras, but for the sake of my wallet I’d actually prefer not to.


I guess I prefer R(h)um because of the impacts that tropical ageing. And the wide spread variety of tastes.


Down under are my 3 favourite(all 3 over 9/10) unpeated very affordable whiskies under 100 €, I am sure rum fans would also love/at least like them🙂.


And one mildly peated for around 100€ for 10/10…