Romdeluxe Wild tasting

Und loss gehts :heart:


Kim erzählt Geschichten :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:

A future Jamaica release 1600 esters :heart:


Have fun.
I will wait for your feedback.


Unaged Tecc. How cool!


Now for the result of the nice event at Romdeluxe. Several of the rums I have tasted before, but they’re none the less still really good.

Unicorn Series
Versailles MDXC 56,9%
Also very well rounded with wood, smoke, light floral notes, raisin and licorice.

Savalle SVL 60,9%
Softer and more rounded on the edges with wood, vanilla, dried fruit and some floral notes.

Enmore MEE 59,6%
This is probably the one with the most punch in the nose and palate. Woody with some workshop and burnt caramel notes topped with some dried fruit.

Wild Series No. 40
Australia 15 years 67%
Good balance with wood, caramel and spices. There is a nice citrus note in the final part of the palate.

Wild Series No. 41
Belize 17 years 65,4%
Light wood with nice caramel/toffee, raisin, orange and nice spices.

Wild Series No. 37 Bottling exclusively for in Denmark
Nicaragua 24 years 61,2%
This one was a nice surprise, so nice that I bought a bottle.
Well balanced with wood, marzipan, vanilla and chocolate.

Wild Series No. 42
Trinidad TDL 20 years 63,1%
This one I’ve tried even before it was officially released and I also have a bottle.
Well balanced with wood, berries, woodshop notes and nice spices.

Wild Series No. 39 Bottling made exclusively for the “Whiskymessen in Kolding 2023”
New Yarmouth 2 years 84,7%
This one is a nuclear bomb on your palate. I have a bottle because I’ve tried it several times. A very extreme Jamaica where most people may need some water. Probably the one with the most glasses with leftovers.
Intense, overripe fruits, varnish/polish, esters, the flavors stick to your palate forever :crazy_face:

Wild Series Origin Jamaica (still maturing in its cask, but a surprise bottle for the event)
Long Pond TECC Unaged 60%
It’s always nice when they can pull something out of their sleeves and say “this one doesn’t exist yet” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Very fresh on the nose and palate, overripe fruits, light grassy notes, esters and some medicinal notes.
I would have bought one if it was available.

The evening ended with a nice chat with Kim and I accidentally emptied their DOK 60% mini cask they have on the desk for customers to sample. Kim is going to be in both at the German Rum Fest and Whisky Live in Paris, so I look forward to what they’ll bring and if there is a “secret bottle” under the desk :upside_down_face:


So the Unicorn Set that you tasted is not the EU version but the one for Denmark, right?
Have you had the chance to compare it to the EU version?

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They’re pretty similar because it’s sister barrels :tumbler_glass::heart:


I think it’s called Wild Tasting because the wildest of all tasters, Kevin, is taking part :wink::hugs:

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@MoparRules :rofl: