Rum Auctioneer - Erfahrungen - Ablauf Einlieferung

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hat von euch schonmal jemand eine Flasche bei Rum Auctioneer eingeliefert und kann vom Ablauf einer Einlieferung und seinen Erfahrungen berichten?

Oder gibt es auch alternative Plattformen zu Rum Auctioneer welche in Betracht gezogen werden können?

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das funktioniert alles sehr gut und seriös.
Account anlegen, Bankdaten hinterlegen.
Man schickt seine Flaschen gut verpackt an die deutsche Adresse. Das “Sender Form” sollte/muss dabei sein.
Dann warten…
Und etwa 3 Wochen nach Autionsende bekommt man das Geld (Hammerpreis / minus Listing Fee / minus Fee (10% Hammerpreis, davon noch 20% Steuer dazu, sind 12%) / und gegebenenfalls minus Reserve Limit Feed / GBP zu Euro Umrechnung kommt auch noch weg).


Ich habe auch mal eine Flasche da verkauft.

Kann den Eindruck nur bestätigen, war sehr seriös. Zahlung hat ebenfalls ca. 3 Wochen gedauert.

Etwas willkürlich scheint mir die Einordnung von Vintage Flaschen zu sein. Habe auch bei WhiskyAuctioneer einen alten Cognac verkauft. Der wurde dann auf 80er geschätzt, obwohl identische Flaschen vorher als 70er verkauft worden.


Ich habe mehrere Flaschen gekauft und alles war immer super nice :slight_smile:


Ist es auch möglich Flaschen selbst anzuliefern statt per Post zu versenden?

Ja, kannst du. Brauchst nen Termin, aber den kannst du mittlerweile online buchen. Außerdem das Formular ausfüllen, dann geht es schneller vor Ort.


I also have good experience with rumauctioneer both with seling and buying. Just be careful not to buy from the UK, you will not be able to import unless you are a company (at least these are the rules in Poland). I also bought on ebay and catawiki and never experienced any problem.

Has anyone ever tried ?


Not yet. I will probably give it a try later this month as the lower value bottles really went for cheap in the last auctions. It might be a good source to get some bottles at really good prices.



I bought from Rumtrades and everything went smoothly.
I also noticed interesting prices for « cheap » rums in the last auction.

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What was your total cost in relation to hammer price?

I’m in Switzerland, so I don’t pay VAT but I have to pay Swiss VAT 7,7% and then various taxes and fees (about 40€ per parcel) to let the parcel enter.
So for me it’s only interesting when I order more than 3-4 bottles each time. But Rumtrades offers 2-3 months of free storage so at the end it’s ok.

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The auction fee is 10% fee and for the shipping consult the site for exact prices.


Do you know any other EU-located auctions selling rums? I only know RumAuctioneer, Catawiki and RumTrades. All the others GB-located nieche whisky auctions with occasional rums hiding unnoticed are now unreachable because of Brexit :frowning:

Fine Spirits Auction
This is somehow connected to LMDW and you need an account on idealwine. Shipping is from F.
I just bought a bottle there which will hit my shelf tomorrow. So far everything was OK.
Their auction modus is a little bit different as certain number of lots (e.g. all agricoles) are ending at the same time. This is different to RA or Rumtrades where any bid will expand the whole auction for futher 3 minutes.
This may be an advantage if you are looking for one specific lot only. You watch and just 20 seconds before ending you enter your bid.


Nice, I didn’t know about this one. However, they are a bit shady about the fees, how much did you pay?
theit website says “The total commission, based on a percentage of the overall price, varies depending on the volume of bottles put up for sale.” :rofl:

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That phrasing seems aimed at selling bottles – i.e. the more bottles you supply/sell, the less fees you pay.


VII - Price and payment
A - Auctions

In addition to the final price, bidders will be chargerd a buyer’s premium and shipping fees. The buyer’s premium added to the bid is :

• 24% VAT included (20% ex-VAT) for auctions
• 18% VAT included (15% ex-VAT) for spirits auctions

For Online Auctions, the buyer’s premium is paid to iDealwine subsidiary: International Wine Auction (IWA SARL) organizer of the auction and is included in the final price (it corresponds to the hammer price).

B - Fixed-Price Sale

Prices indicated in the Fixed-Price Sales (except typo errors) are all inclusive of tax, 20% French V.A.T. and exclude shipping costs. There is no buyer’s premium to add to the indicated price. The orders are only considered valid once payment from the buyer has been received.


Wow, I believe this is one of the highest buyer fees I’ve seen :scream:. I’m still just curious how much is the selling fee. Maybe this is a good place to sell if the majority of the costs would be on buyers.


Fee at Fine Spirits is 15% plus Tax, so at the end it is 18% on top of the hammerprice.
Shipping to Austria for one bottle is 10€.
There is no GBP hazzle.

Just be aware, prices in the auction reports are including the fee.


I can see your point but still it’s the most expensive. Rumauctioner and Rumtrades charge buyer fees of 13% and Catawiki only 8%. But the low shipping cost is indeed an argument here, on Catawiki these can be sometimes enormous, like 40 EUR from France to Poland.