Rum Event Rating by the crazy Dane :)

Please be aware that these are my personal ratings of the events and I will try to keep it updated as I move along.

10.0 stars of 5.0
Rum’n’Base, Shibuya, Japan
If you like to party and drink this is the place. Imagine tons of rum and heavy base music. Well I LOVE that mix and many people get well beyond drunk :slight_smile:
Only go here if you like EDM, Trance etc. at a mindblasting volume.

4.5 stars of 5.0
Whiskymessen, Kolding, Denmark
2001-2004, 2012-2023
In the beginning this was primarily about whisky, but since 2020 the amount of other spirits has grown significantly and so has the size of the event. 2024 will be the largest as they’re now occupying the entire exhibition area (probably German Rum Festival x 3!
The restrooms can be a challenge to find, because there are many as this is an area usually used for sports and professional sports.
Food can be bought both inside and outside the venue.

4.0 stars of 5.0
Whisky & Rom Festival, Politikens Hus, Copenhagen
2021, 2022, 2023
This event is hosted in the historical newspaper printing hall of Politiken. The ambience of the venue is really nice. Many exhibitors with all kinds of spirits. Really close and intimate when it comes to space. There are both free and paid samples, where some are a bit expensive compared to the bottle price and others are very fairly priced.
Restrooms are a bit limited so you may have to wait.
The event is only 3 hours so no option to buy food at the venue. There are however usually snacks standing around.

3.5 stars of 5.0
Whisky & Rum Show, Copenhagen, Denmark
2022, 2023
This is an event that’s fading in my mind. There is a fair amount of rum, but none of the really good ones that you want as a nerd. The environment is nice and access to restrooms is really good.
Not that many offers when it comes to food.

4.5 stars of 5.0
2022, 2023
German Rum Fest, Berlin, Germany
Very close to the ultimate rum experience. This is an event where the nerds love to mingle and many famous brands are represented. Rarities can also be found and tasted.
Sample prices are very fair and sometimes, if you’re geeky enough, bottles may appear from under the desk. There are also free samples available on your entry card.
Food can be bougt just outside the venue entrance.

4.75 stars of 5.0
Whisky Live, Paris, France
Almost the perfect event. Here’s something for everybody. Whisky, rum, sake, gin and so on.
Here you pay for a ticket and you can try as much as you want. The VIP ticket gives you access to the first floor VIP area where all the major players are represented.
Food stalls are outside and very busy and they also have a bar area, where you can buy drinks in all shapes and colours.
Only little drawback was the restrooms. There aren’t enough when you have as many people as they do.

1.5 stars of 5.0
2024 Hanse Spirit, Hamburg, Germany
Very little good rum on the flipside they had a lot of flavoured rum, which is obviously very popular in Germany. Overall very little rum compared to whisky. If you’re loking for a rumexperience then this is not the place. The samples are also pretty expensive and the exhibitors try to monetize the event with their samples.
Only positive experience was Romdeluxe at Bottle Brands and Schotman.
Food stalls outside and a small restaurant inside as well as cheese and sausage stands.


Thanks for this summary. Maybe people can start adding their local festivals as I would like to visit one in continental Europe at some point and this would help massively in deciding where to go.


Oh that would actually be a really good idea, because I know there are many of them.


Useful and interesting topic👌
And what do you think about the Rhum Fest Paris?

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@EmileShevek1 unfortunately I haven’t been to it yet :slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe next year.

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