Rum Marques from Trinidad Distillers Limited

Hi guys,

does any one of you have a clue where to look for a list of rum marques made at TDL? I know there is a TML, but don’t know any others. Furthermore I don’t know any specification of the marque - how long was the fermentation, what distillation, what content of volatile substances, etc.

I tried to look for a list of all marques on google, but couldn’t find anything so I thought that maybe some of you could have more info…

Thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:


I found the following marks in a quick search online:

TMAH - Column Still
TMAL - Column Still, Melasses
TML - Melasses

So far, I have little to no clue what the marks refer to.

However, most TDL bottlings seem to come without marks.


This thread on marks might also be of interest to you (including links to other threads).


I think these are all marks from Main Rum Company.
TMAH= Trinidad Main Angostura Heavy
TMAL= Trinidad Main Angostura Light
TML= Trinidad Main Light


I agree with you. I assume they are Main Rum Company Marks as well

But if those Marks actually mean a thing: I doubt it. The very heavy 2001 TDL are marked as TML (see Transcontinental Rum Line TDL 2001). They are no way a light rum. And then there are thoses vintages which are TML as well and super soft and caramelly.

Additionally, there are the Fernandes Marks

FPH = Forres Park Heavy

But again the Fernandes Bottlings differ a lot by taste. The mark style is nowhere as consistent as it is for Hampden or DDL.