Rum Punch Rezept

Hi zusammen,
Ich bin auf der Suche nach ein paar guten Rum Punch Rezepten für eine Party nächste Woche.
Ich weiß das „gut“ Ansichtssache ist, und dass das Internet viele Rezepte parat hat.
Die Qualität für Rum und Rezepte steckt aber definitiv hier im Forum und nicht in der Brigitte oder Bild am Sonntag :slight_smile:

Mir geht es vor allem um die Rumsorten und das Mischungsverhaltnis.
Vermeiden möchte ich hochpreisige Rum.
Alles bis 30/40 Euro ist aber ok (zB Worthy Park 109)

Also haut mal ein paar Rezepte raus, damit ich den Partygästen etwas cooles anbieten kann.

Danke euch !!


also mein Rum Punch besteht eigentlich immer aus:
1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong, 4 parts weak.
Sprich z.B.
100ml Limettensaft,
100g Zucker + 100ml Wasser → 1:1 Zuckersirup, 300ml Rum,
400ml Wasser.
Rums, die mir im Rum Punch gefallen in diesem Preissegment:
Smith & Cross, Doorly’s XO oder 12, Appleton 12, Blackwell, Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof, El Dorado 12 oder einfach ein Blend aus diesen.


Hi, here are some source examples I take insporation from:

It is said that “punch” originates from “five”, which means that you need to add sweet, sour, strong, weak and spices, which are frequently omitted in many recipes.


This here is a grog, not a punch, recipe, but it could also be made in large batches for a party. Or if you want to stay with more of a punch, you could still use this Ultimate Mai Tai Rum recipe for the rum mix. I think it makes a good blend. The Search for the Ultimate Navy Grog – The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai

(Scroll about halfway down for the Ultimate Mai Tai Navy Grog recipe. The honey mix, pimento dram and vanilla syrup are easy to make at home, or you could buy the pimento dram.)


I guess, I’m a bit late for this party, but the upcoming gray days of never ending winter shall be graced with plenty tiki pleasures :desert_island:

In case you are familiar with Germaniens winters (aka the 78th of February), I highly recommend being prepared and counter the winter blues with a colorful tiki dinner. Your friends will be pleased to dive into a cozy tropical fairytale. It’s the perfect setting for a Tiki Punch-keeps your company hydrated and in a good mood, without all the jazz of spending the entire evening swinging the love of god out of the shaker. Don’t get me wrong, I love to delight my guests with drinks, but it’s quite nice not to miss out on parts of conversations too🍹

Some sort of Hurricane was the weapon of choice for our last tiki themed dinner. I didn’t stick to the original recipe as it is described in Smuggler’s Cove book (an excellent collection of well researched original tiki cocktail recipes) as I stumbled across another recipe during my research. 1940‘s Hurricane (Pat O‘Beien‘s, New Orleans) is actually a three-ingredient drink, but I couldn‘t resist using the epic signature garnish, which is a wind-ravaged cocktail umbrella :smiling_face_with_tear:

So, here you go, the some sort of Hurricane.

3 cl white overproof Rum
3 cl aged Rum
2 cl lemon juice
8 cl passion fruit juice
8 cl orange juice
1 cl Grenadine

Multiply the servings (x 15 is fine for a company of 5 thirsty pirates)

It is essential to use high quality juices and if you are committed enough to use fresh fruits, juice the fruits as close to service as possible, but with enough time to chill it down with the rest of the ingredients.

Combine the ingredients.
Set to cool down for around 3 hours.

Prepare the garnish, which is any kind of tropical fruit you can lay your hands on, I used a pineapple wedges and the leaves, some flowers and the umbrella.

When the guests arrive fill the bowl with some big ice cubes to keep the punch cool.
The cocktail is served with crushed ice and the load of decorations you came up with.

Don Beachcomber might twist in his grave, for you don’t simply punch together juices and call it a historical tiki cocktail, but in this case it was a fine approach, we liked it and hopefully so will you :hibiscus: