Rum Travel Recommendations

I will hopefully be visiting the Caribbean later this year and thought that we could gather some rum related travel recommendations. I’d love to have a list of places that are worth going to and really enjoyed reading the report from @Jarek. And I think @crazyforgoodbooze was sharing is impressions of Madeira at some point as well.

From Jarek I took the following information (hope my interpretation is right, his favorites are marked bold):

Habitation Clement: not active, nice museum incl. ‘smelling room’, standard range in shop
J.M.: long drive, but beautiful, no guided tour but you can walk around
standard range in shop
La Favorite: small but very accessible, small shop
Neisson: modern, almost sterile, not very accessible, big but expensive shop
Depaz: standard range in shop

St. Lucia:
St. Lucia Distillers: 10 USD/p.p., short guided tour, small shop

Bologne: great guided tour for 8.5 Euro, nice shop
Damoiseau: beautiful, very accessible, nice but expensive shop
ReimonenQ: rundown with decent shop

Marie Galante:
Bellevue: big and modern but with character, shop with lots of merch
Bielle: no access to barrel house, shop with good selection
Poisson: small, accessible, shop with mainly unaged rums

Has anyone been to Barbados and can recommend anything?


I was told also that Saint James and HSE were nice places to visit for Martinique :slight_smile:


A good friend of mine visited Barbados and said it was the worst of all islands he visited. Mount gay was not possible to try any specials and foursquare it was crazy expensive for only 1cl samples…


But from what I understand, people from the US always bring home the ECS range at very affordable prices. Seems weird that the samples are so expensive then :thinking:

Edit: I guess it makes sense to state your priorities. Do you want to see, taste, or buy?


On another forum someone mentioned (back in April this year)you might see some Old Hampdens and Appleton 30y in duty free on Trinidad, I don’t know how true this though…

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