RumX Annual Report 2022: Part 1

Which new releases were the top-rated ones according to our awesome RumX community? Which (independent) bottlers landed the highest average scores across all their 2022 releases? And which other funny, surprising or simply noteworthy facts did we come across when reviewing our 2022 data? Well…let’s check it out!

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What was your personal rum highlight in 2022? Did you have the opportunity to taste the winners and what were your impressions?


Nice review, as always :slight_smile:. It looks like we become more demanding and just don’t randomly assign high scores :stuck_out_tongue: . It would be interesting to see (and also a great advertisement of the app) how many splits were arranged :slight_smile:


An excellent review of 2022! The explanations of the statistics are perfect!
Many thanks for this :+1:t2::+1:t2:



great review by @Oliver and @Jakob! You could almost have handed it in as a master of rum thesis :wink: :mortar_board::books::nerd_face:
It confirms my subjective impression that last year was a bit ‚quantity over quality‘ with the considerably lower number of 90+ ratings in the top 10.

On the discrepancy of bottles bought / opened bottles vis-a-vis bottle splits (samples), I can only tell for myself, but I have to admit that I do not change this status of bottles/samples, and I assume quite a number of other members do act the same lazy way…

looking forward to reading part 2!


Clearly yes :sweat_smile:



I assume many people keep track of their collection carefully, but yes you guys are right some people might not update everthing. I do update every bottle / sample right away once opened.


In regards of the bottle opening rate I think it´s a strong KPI to analyse the bottles and why people are purchasing it.

Taking into account not everyone updates their collection I truly believe you can still take some insights.

Let´s take RX 14100 (Spirit of Rum Hampden Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 32 C<>H, 1990, 32 years, 54,51% | RX14100 | RumX)

274 bottles have been bottled.
26 are entered in the RumX Database.
25 are closed
0 are open
1 is emptied (it was the split of @RumTaTa I assume).

That comes down to an open rate of 3,8% which leads to the conclusion people purchased the bottle to invest / collect / or open for a special moment given the very high price.

Now let´s look at some other bottlings.

RX 10636 (Maison Ferrand Hampden Plantation Jamaica HJF, 2002, 19 years, 70,3% | RX10636 | RumX)

354 bottles have been bottled.
54 are entered in the RumX Database.
42 are closed
11 are open
1 is emptied

That comes down to an open rate of 22,2% which leads to the conclusion people purchased the bottle to invest / collect / but also open it right away given the fair price.

and another bottle which can be considered as something you usually open right away.

RX 11 (Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum, 8 years, 46% | RX11 | RumX)

?! bottles have been bottled.
943 are entered in the RumX Database.
581 are closed
243 are open
119 is emptied

That comes down to an open rate of 38,4% which leads to the conclusion people purchased the bottle to mainly open it right away.

I personally love analysing numbers and excel sheets so I´m obviously biased, but I think there is a huge potential in the open rate to make conclusions.


Interesting point. But I believe that something else should be taken into account:

People stop opening newly acquired bottles simply because they have too many open bottles already plus dozens of samples they’d like to taste.

This clearly is my case. I buy new limited releases because I don’t want to miss out on them. In addition I buy a lot of regular and older bottles as if a new prohibition was around the corner. Most new arrivals land unopened in the rum shelf because I have too many open bottles already in addition to a ton of samples (and new ones arrive every week) and since I do not drink alcohol every day I just buy more than I can consume. Capitalism at its finest…


That´s a fair point Mike and I can confirm this behaviour on my side as well. I have 121 open bottles and really gonna try to get below 100.

As I said it´s a KPI which delivers a solid base to make assumptions / judgements and it´s a good indicator.


fully share this observation!

And it is also a bit tricky to draw conclusions due to the differences in bottling / selling dates. The RumClub Ed 22 has been released just shortly, while the Plantation HJF has been around already for a year or so.


As I said…it´s an indicator. Of course it´s depending since when bottles are available. But at the end I´m sure you get my point.


yes, also given that we want to analyse this further, I will try to update the bottle status in my collection. It was just something I didn‘t really care about much in the past


Maybe my intention with my posts was to engage people to update their collection…I changed one mind. YEEEEES :wink: .

I´m very keen to see where this is going and what additional stats might join the RumX app.

Thanks for implemting the idea that quick @Oliver