RumX Annual Report 2022: Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of our Annual Report! In this part we’ll take a closer look at the top distilleries, the top rated countries and the most controversial bottles - and we’ll announce the top independent bottlers of 2022. As already done in the first part, we’ll introduce you to the exact criteria behind each ranking as well. Let’s get the party started!


Which independent bottler do you think did the best job in 2022? What was your “love it or hate it” rum of the year? We look forward to exciting discussions. :star_struck::tumbler_glass:


By far the best read of the yearly reports. Mainly because of the ‘Most controversial rums’-category and the analysis inbetween the rankings.

Also great to see you picked up some of the parts of our discussion on how the ranking point system can be used (80=very good and so on…).

I agree with most of your theories and also think there has been a saturation of the market or as you call it a fatigue, people have tasted a lot of excellent rums now and are not giving crazy high rankings anymore so easily as they might have done a year or two ago.


Excellent article. It was fun reading.

Interesting to see NYE ranked higher than Hampden.

I think in regards of Hampden it also proves that the latest releases don’t match the quality we have been used to. Way too many IB bottle also younger bottlings that can’t hold up and deliver high ratings.

I hope many people will read and enjoy this article


Great summary, I’m definetely taking pride of my compatriots. Great job Distila and Wealth Solutions! :face_holding_back_tears:


again, great review! One comment I want to raise is regarding Distilia: without the sampling by @Jonas or @DrDjango I most likely would not have tried them as they are beyond my budget for everyday consumption. To this end, I cannot thank those enough that enable us to try the high-end rums. This brings me also to Spirit of Rum, where I believe, it is a great achievement to bottle the full spectrum, ranging from good price-to-quality everyday sippers to the higher end, and to provide surprises.


Great reading, thanks!

One nitpick: " Rank 3 goes to SAINT LUCIA DISTILLERS - and in fact, they are rather a joint second rank with only 0.1 points difference" - Shouldn’t this be 0.01 pts?


Thanks Kenny, you‘re absolutely right of course. Will fix that later today!


One idea regarding the in average lower scores than last year…
According to our discussions in the forum, many users consider also the price of a bottle in their rating. I do not have any statistics, but the feeling that the prices were again higher last year, which may have lead to a derating too.


yes I fully agree…since prices increased I also tempt to include the pricing into my rating and this sometimes leads to a few points less.


Actually, I was thinking about suggesting another question in the review, concerning the price/quality ratio. This way we will rule out the price from the rest of the review.


Yes, I would suggest the same. In my opinion, the current rating should ignore the price, presentation etc.
During a blind tasting we do not have this information anyway.
And which price should I rate, release price or maybe the one I paid on the second market?

By the way, the market value of my rums in the app jumped almost over night. The results of December auctions from RA were already included before. Any idea what the reason could be?


A great read and a great job! Many thanks @Oliver and @Jakob !!! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

It’s interesting that Velier ranks 10th only. I may assume that Velier bottles in general are rated higher due to the reputation of the black bottles. It seems that their credo, to offer something really new and special comes to its limits.

Regarding the diminuition of the average scores I assume that this is in fact a sign of maturity of our community.

Regarding most controversial rums there will always be a strong bias between the geeks and the people drinking Canerock. So the interesting point is here the Velier Saint James collection where I fully agree on the divergence in quality. Which brings me back to the first point…

What I would found interesting is more demographic information on users of the app and the community. Where are they from? Where do most of the new members come from? Etc.


The honor also goes to @Jakob! :trophy: :star_struck:
I gathered the data and Jakob authored the analysis and the text.


As part of the redesign of the market price page, I re-engineered the underlying algorithm and made it more sophisticated. So instead of simply taking the last prices into account as before, a more complex calculation now takes place including the use of weighted averages and better outlier detectors. The market prices should be more accurate now and that is the reason for your jump upwards. :rocket:

Feel free to take a closer look at the market prices and let me know how good you think they are. I’m happy about any feedback and improvement ideas. :star_struck::tumbler_glass:


I just thought it would be interesting to see the all-time top list of RunX


This is already implemented in the app. Simply open the search and set the sorting by “Community rating”. From here, you can play around and for example filter by country or set the minimum number of community reviews. Have fun playing around and discovering! :star_struck::male_detective:t3:


Yeah, this one I know exists for the rums but can it also be done for distilleries and indies?


If you scroll down in the "Explore " section, you will find the “Browse” card. Although you can’t filter here like in the search, but you can still get a nice overview.


To celebrate their top ranking in our annual review, Distilia has announced a promo campaign: By using the coupon code “RUMX” you can get 5% off all Distilia bottles. :star_struck::tumbler_glass: