RumX Annual Review 2021: Most controversial

For the recurring visitors and active contributors to either our RumX community or other forums for rum enthusiasts the controversial debates about the top-ranked names in our lists are nothing new. While some lovers of sweet rums passionately stand in for Don Papa, A.H. Riise or Kraken and their releases, especially rum purists typically take a critical stand against these brands.

The distribution of scores reflects the controversial perception of these bottlings among the rum community. Interestingly though some of the releases listed also belong to the most tasted rums of 2021 - which means that these spirits (or spirit drinks, as those with a higher dose of additional sweeteners have to be called officially these days) made their way into almost every rum drinkers glass at some point and are either loved or hated.


I am missing the MOTHER of all controversial rums, the Long Pond TECA 2003 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or the TECC with the controversial question : which is better between the TECC and this one ? :joy:


I thought the mother of that (ok at least in the Caroni world) is The Beast :innocent: