RumX Annual Review 2021: Top distilleries

Skeldon, Albion and Enmore - three stills from Guyana that are frequently mentioned by rum lovers when discussing some of the finest rum distillates of all times. Not a big surprise to see these distilleries at the top spots of our list (even though these days we mostly reference the respective styles of these already closed down distilleries). So gold, silver and bronze goes to Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). And also three more representatives from Guyana can be found in our top 15 - Uitvlugt, Port Mourant and Diamond underpin the pole position of DDL in our community.

Spot 5 finds another closed distillery - and one that could be referred to as the rum world’s best kept insider tip for quite a while: Gardel. Years after the last bottle from this lost distillery from Guadeloupe, in 2021 German bottler Spirit of Rum surprised the rum world with a 38 year old single cask Gardel bottling from 1983 which made Gardel accessible again for more rum lovers and thus turned out to be an important factor for the listing of Gardel in our top list.

Another interesting fact: While Caroni seems to have become inextricably linked with high prices, it is not only one of our community’s favorite distilleries, but also one with the highest number of individual tastings in 2021. So no, Caronis are not turning into collector items only - you can still find plenty of rum lovers that want to taste the myth. And we are proud to find quite a few of them in the RumX community. :slight_smile:


I would love to see a ranking by the number of tastings, based on samples only. Is this possible?

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Most sampled distillery or most sampled bottler … I like that metric :slight_smile:


Dann fehlt jetzt nur noch die “Besten Länder” bzw meist getrunkenen Länder…