RumX Annual Review 2021: Top rated

RumX’s highest rated rum is coming from…drum roll please - Caroni! Released in “The Last” Caroni has gained significant popularity quickly, received a lot of positive feedback from industry experts and the blogger scene and also took our community’s hearts by storm. 93,47 was the average rating at the end of 2021 and made it the highest rated rum with at least 25 community ratings. Interesting to mention is that the bottler behind this release, Velier, is responsible for 6 of the 10 highest rated rums in RumX. Not a too big surprise given the fame that the Italian bottler has claimed in the Rum scene - these results show: Velier’s popularity is more than well-deserved.

Our second and third place welcome us with a warm “Hello again!”: The top releases of 2021 directly entered the RumX community’s all-time favorites list at rank 2 with only 0,3 rating points less than Velier’s “The Last” Caroni. And also rank three goes to an Rum Artesanal release from 2021: The 1989 Hampden made it to the silver rank of our top rated rums of the year 2021 list. With a total of 3 rums in the RumX all-time top 10 list, Rum Artesanal definitely claimed their spot in the rum hall of fame.

And another note: Given our criteria of at least 25 community ratings, quite a few rums with outstanding average rating did not make it to the list. You might miss especially older Demerara, Caroni or Jamaican bottlings. These became extremely hard to get hold off these days - getting the chance to taste them has turned into a privilege given their scarcity. These bottles were rated by only a smaller group of RumX users and thus did not make it to the list. Take this list with a pinch of salt - while all rums on the list are of remarkable quality, it cannot stand the test of serving as “all-time best of rum” list. We are sure you still enjoy this overview though. Cheers!