RumX Awards 2023: Most tasted

Welcome to the final part of the RumX Awards 2023, where we broaden our horizon beyond the ultra-premium segment and explore the current big picture in the world of rum. This part aims to provide a comprehensive overview, focusing on the most popular countries and distilleries, as well as the most tasted and purchased releases.


Which rum is your all-time favorite and why? Share your top pick!


Again, really interesting insights! I didn’t expect the Raconteur to be the 6th most purchased rum, given its rather high price tag


Rx10041 is likely my favorite of all time (so far). 33 years of age, and the cask is not overpowering in the taste. So complex and smooth on the palate. Likely the one that convinced me that there are deeper taste-notes, and more complexity above 50% ABV


I’d say my all-time favourite is RX703.

It’s true to its origin and the overall profile and balance is great.
ABV integration is also perfect and upon release the price to quality was very good.

A very rare and expensive bottle today if you want to grab one.


For me, it is extremely difficult to define one all time favourite. However, the are three bottles that I would all rank equal as my personal number ones:

Foursquare ECS Shibboleth (RX9782)
Rhum J.M La Dame Jeanne No. 1 (RX13151)

Best of (nearly) all worlds in my opinion.


Wow… hard to say. So many great ones which are so different. But if i make a top 3:

RX247 - just perfection. Deep, complex, ABV perfect.
RX10445 - in my memory best TDL. Had so much fun with that sample. So happy to have a bottle.
RX1240 - super complex and i love Damoiseau. And this is maybe the best they have

RX95 is up there as well and of course my all time favorite RX1057. My first Caroni and i love the continental Caroni Flavors.

Just to many great ones. That is the fun of it i guess.


Hard to pin down just one. My choice falls to Rumclub Ed. 31 (HQNB RX14138) it has so much of anything.


Again, TDL proves itself to be one of the most interesting Distilleries. This is really a surprising development. Swell did a great job in Barrel selection in the aftermath of the 2001 Hype.


I‘m an Agricole lover. RX8852 and RX880.


It would be very reductive to represent rum with one release, but if I had to choose one, it would be :

RX516, The GOAT of the GOATs, the type of liquor that will make you fall in love in a second.
This one is like Schumacher in F1, Jon Jones in MMA… it’s just unmatched in every single point : complexity, intensity, smoothness, variety of aromas, everything is just spot on.

I’m actually wondering why DDL doesn’t try to reproduce that style as it was widely praised, but there won’t be another like that… considering marrying the bottle at this point :heart_eyes::joy: #MakeUitvlugtGreatAgain


Of course “The Last” RX38 is the rum that started it all. One of the best I ever tasted.

But the one that gave me a special feeling, like something close to perfection is the Diamond SVW 1996 (RX223). It is not so much different from a very good Demerara, the ingredients are the same. But everything is right at its place, and that gives you a great impression of completeness. Close to perfect, I just said.

The best bottle I had was another Caroni, the 1994 Guyana Stock (RX147). I found it too woody and bitter when I opened it, and I scored it low. As time passes and oxidation doing its job in the opened bottle, it became a truly fantastic rum. The last drops were heavenly. The best evolution ever for a bottle.


Meine bisherigen Favoriten konnte ich dank Oliver kennenlernen.
Der caroni the last (rx38) der zum einen komplex und zum anderen super süffig ist.

Und mein anderes Highlight war der Rumclub private selection ed. 22 (RX11613). Perfekter Guyana mit einer tollen Balance zwischen Frucht und Holz.


Wait, why are we talking about our all-time-favourite under a post about the most tasted Rums in 2023? :sweat_smile: :joy:

My all-time favourites can be found in the app. But ofc i have some hidden champions that didnt make the highest rankings, but are much more affordable than all those Velier Caronis/Demeraras sitting at the top.

First of the Bottle that got me into “real” Rum and above 50% strength. FS Dominus! RX63 Until this day one of my all-time-favourites. But only for the initial 60€ or whatever the price of it was.

Other than that the Velier Isautiers or some Savannas would come to my mind, that really changed my view on high-end-rums and were affordable.

My most tasted distillery these days is Hampden and then Long Pond, so without any active decision i stumbled into the Jamaican camp…


My all-time favorite… This is almost impossible to answer… I have a few Hampdens (mainly the Mark HGML), a few Agricoles (but only in cask strength), a few TDLs (especially the 2001s) and last but not least the 94 Enmores! I love them all and, depending on my mood, they are all on a par!


According to my ratings, HD 1990 for Salon du Rhum RX11796 is my all time favourite but I’m rather new to this. I have to say old hampdens hit the button. A lot of great rums are yet to be tasted.

As for the one that started it, it’s defenitly Foursquare ECS 2008 RX3352 that ignited the fire.

Cheers! Q.