RumXmas Charity-Lottery

Hi everyone :tumbler_glass:

As @Leo , among others, has already noted, the lottery system may need some adjustment (away from rewarding as many tastings as possible). Oliver had already announced to think about alternatives, e.g. rewarding valuable contributions or split activities. I think that would be great and I’ve also read that you guys like that as well.

I have another suggestion for a “lottery mode” and I would be happy if we could discuss the idea here. Provided, of course, that Oliver and Jakob want to keep the lottery in principle. Once a year, for example in November, the motto could be:

The RumXmas Charity Lottery

Considering how much money we invest here in the consumption of high-priced luxury goods, this would be a good opportunity to support, for example, social projects or similar in those countries from which we obtain our rum. In some of these countries (e.g. Jamaica), a large part of the population lives in poverty or at least in the most basic conditions. The proceeds of the charity lottery could be donated each December to a social project or organization that improves the living conditions of the people there. I don’t have anything concrete in mind yet, but would like to put the idea up for discussion for the time being.

In concrete terms, the lottery could look like this:

  1. A concrete project or an organization is suggested by the community, discussed and selected by vote. Of course, seriousness of that organization has to be taken into account.

  2. Oliver (or a volunteer organizer) opens a corresponding thread that works something like a split thread. Instead of “2cl”, however, each member who wants to donate something simply writes his donation contribution, e.g. “15 €”.

  3. The member will then be contacted by PM and asked to pay as usual. Of course, it would have to be clarified whether Oliver’s business account may be used for this (legally, fiscally, etc.), or whether a private member collects the donations in trust and transfers the sum to the project after the end of the lottery. Trust is required here, of course. The correct forwarding of the total donation can be proven by the donation receipt of the corresponding organization. It would also have to be clarified how the whole thing could be handled with other international currencies.

  4. The draw mode would work exactly as it currently does, except that instead of “number of tastings”, “donated euros” would be used as the basis. So someone who donates €5 will participate in the lottery in the same way as someone who donates €100. But the higher the amount donated, the higher the probability of winning.

I am aware that there are still quite a few organizational (and fiscal?) questions to be clarified here, which is why I would like to introduce the topic now in August already.

To all: What do you think of this in principle? Is there any interest in this kind of lottery?

Especially to @Oliver and @Jakob : Can you imagine this? Where are the hurdles from your point of view? Where are the possibilities?

As usual: Nobody would be forced to participate, but every little contribution can do good. And if you want to put another rum for 20€ in your shopping cart somewhere (which you didn’t actually want to buy) just to save on shipping costs, you might consider saving the money for the RumXmas Charity Lottery in November instead :smile:

If my idea is not feasible like this, maybe it at least provides food for thought for similar suggestions. I’m eager to hear your opinions.


Schöne Idee, wobei es auch in der Vergangenheit schon “Flutopfer-Hilfe für die Ahr”-Tastings und ähnliches gab. Ich denke es wäre besser einen Charity-Anteil auf viele/alle Splits zu erheben (Weihnachten bietet sich dafür ja an) und dann gemeinsam als Community einem ausgewählten Projekt diesen Anteil zukommen zu lassen (z.B. 1€ oder 5€ pro Sample Aufpreis).

Aber für Feinjustierung ist da natürlich viel Platz.


Hi zusammen,
In der Tat ein schönes und v.a. sinnvolles Projekt. Wir hatten das auch schon mal kurz überlegt, sind aber noch nicht zu einem finalen Ergebnis gekommen.
Grundsätzlich finde ich alle Ideen gut - von der angesprochenen Charity Lottery oder anteiligen Beiträgen bei Splits bis hin zu klassischen Benefiz-Auktionen wie zB bei Ma Part des Anges sind ja ganz unterschiedliche Ansätze denkbar.
Charmant wre mE schon, einen möglichst grossen Teil der Community einzubinden - also viele Einzelbeiträge ganz nach individueller Bereitschaft zu sammeln. Die Umsetzung könnte dadurch natürlich etwas komplizierter werden. Da ich das Thema aber absolut unterstützenswert finde, würde ich vorschlagen, in diesem Thread mal gemeinsam die Überlegungenen voranzutreiben und dann auch die potenzielle Abwicklung zu klären.