Samaroli bottles


I have a question regarding Samaroli bottles. I’ ve considered buying one a couple of times. But they’re quite expensive. I’ve heard that the quality has diminished in comparison with the older releases and that the newer releases are expensive compared to the juice that’s inside.

Does anyone have experience with Samaroli? Which bottles? Good or bad?

Thanks in advance for any form of reply.


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I heard similar, but have no experience yet. Jonas has a bottle split that might work, so you could check that out.


It was that bottle spilt that got me thinking about them again. And then yesterday and today I came across a couple of bottles. So I decided to ask first before making a move :smiley:

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That seems to be the consensus. So either you shell out and get one of the legendary early bottlings or you save your money and buy something else. Or what exactly are you trying to achieve? If your goal is overpaying for a mediocre bottle of rum, go ahead :crazy_face:

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My goal was the exact opposite of that :joy::joy::joy: