Search for a user in the app


Question: is it possible to search for an other user in the RumX (1 or 2) app?

If so, can you explain how?
If not, is there an (easy) way to incorporate it in the app?

Thanks in advance for the reply. And sorry if it’s already been asked somewhere else. Feel free to point it out and delete this topic.

Cheers :tumbler_glass:


I support this request. Searching users is something I want to do regularly and usually I go to rums I remember and click on the user in the tasting note


Same here.

Other option is if someone has given you a like on a tasting note so you can follow their user profile.

But it also happens that I come across a name in the community feed and recognize it from rum groups on Facebook or from the forum here. In that case it’s nice if you can search for a user.

And thanks for the support :grin:

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Thank you for your suggestions for improvement. I think the search for users makes a lot of sense - especially because the community is growing more and more. I’ve put this feature at the top of my todo list and will tackle it next. :pray:

In the meantime, I’ve been busy and just built the most requested feature into the current version: A tasting history per rum. So now you can track how you rated a rum earlier and how your taste is evolving. The update is expected to be available tomorrow. :smirk::raised_hands:t3: