Selling "And a bottle of rum" book

Hi there,
It’s a bit funny but I received two identical books on rum as Christmas gift :joy:. I’ve already read one of them :slight_smile: and can give my recommendation, it’s a nice book with nice humor and detailed historical background without being dull (it’s actually so captivating that I finished it In a week). It also gives recipes for 35 cocktails.

I don’t, however need a spare copy so I’d like to ask if there is someone here who wants to buy it from me :slight_smile:

The book is shipped from the USA and unavailable on Europe so you can take advantage of the fact it’s already here :slight_smile: The original price with shipment to EU is some 30USD and I think 15 EUR is fair to ask here (but open for negotiations). If interested, please just let me know :wink: