Source for GH19 and GH20

Hi guys, is there any source where you can still get a GH19 at a reasonable price? The RA prices are way over the top …

I don’t think so. If there were any sources with prices considerably lower than what is beeing paid on secondairy markets, those would be bought up immediately for arbitrage. If I’m not mistaken limited whisky had the set of all 3 for 849€ … it went to “not in stock” and is now listed for 899€. Of course we can’t know if it got actually sold for 849€ or if just the availability in the system was changed (maybe even to give the impression that it got sold :thinking:)

Is that bottle even that special, taste wise, that it’s worth hunting it down for drinking – now that it fell prey to the collectors?

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I don‘t think so, either. The GH19 bacame more expensive, once it turned out that this will develop into a series of consecutive GHs. And with that - being more attractive as a collectible item - prices skyrocketed. In addition, I believe that many GH 19 initially were just consumed, given they had not been overly pricey, thus, adding to the scarcity today.


Limited Whisky actually sold the Set, but that is not a suprise really given the current secondary market prices. 450 + 150 + 250.
I think the best bet to find a GH19 way below 400€ would be an offline shop.


It could be that prices for the GH19 drop again in half a year, when the whole series gets out of focus.

Usually a new release to a series causes more attention to the older releases of the series. In addition people who were able to get the new one might aim to aquire the older ones to complete the series. This can cause prices to spike. A nice example is the Ardbeg Traigh Bhan, first edition sold for >400€ when #3 came out. Now it’s back to lower to mid 300s.

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Would love a GH19 as well, but I kinda gave it up :joy:


Secondary for GH21 is 250€? Wtf

Looks like the set for 899€ also got sold :astonished:

Is the GH19 going the way of the Foursquare Port Cask Finish?