St. Lucia GotA & RumX

As some of you know I am also part of the Grape of the Art team and today I would like to introduce you to a fantastic single cask that I have chosen for you together with the guys from GotA: an incredibly vibrant Chairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection from St. Lucia distilled in 2005 (50% John Dore I & 50% Vendôme) that was aged for 15 years in tropical conditions in an ex-bourbon cask.

Unsurprisingly, the bouquet just explodes with funky aromas such as smoked forest honey, agave, black cherry, and camphor. Also expect dried exotic fruits such as mango and papaya, garnished with pure vanilla pods.

On the palate, the wild party continues with a wave of dark chocolate, sweet almonds, cinnamon and vanilla cream, leaving at its peak a long and resonant blast of pepper, tar, and citrus peel.

With its edgy, fresh and funky style, rum from St. Lucia is unique and distinctive in the spirits world, making it a perfect fit for our first rum project. Just as you would expect from Grape of the Art, this rum is without additives and bottled in cask strength of 61.5%!

The bottles will be available exclusively at our partner on 18 March at 110€ (0.7l).

To ensure that as many RumX community members as possible can enjoy our first official RumX release, we have created an exclusive presale via the app. Starting today at 5 pm (06.03.2022), you can reserve a bottle of this exceptional rum before the official sales launch. To do so, log into the mobile app and click on “Pre-order now!” in the Xplore tab:


Oh I fear there will be a run, and it will not be pretty. :wink:

I am very interested about the selection process, as St. Lucia does not provide via Brokers to independents as far as I heard…

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Mir wird da nichts angezeigt :tired_face:

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Später 5pm :wink:


Hatte ich nicht gesehen, Danke :hugs:


Der Vorverkauf hat gerade gestartet: (Sold out)
:partying_face: :tumbler_glass:


Und was machen die, die die App nicht installiert haben?

Kurze Darstellung warum dieses so ist.
Habe ein degoogelte Telefon mit einem angepassten OS ohne die PlayDienste von Google.
Fazit, Programm läuft nicht.


How come there are so many tasting notes already?

Es werden auch noch ein paar Flaschen am 18.03.2022 auf verfügbar sein. :raised_hands:

Ansonsten muss ich Dich auf die Webversion von RumX (geplant Ende des Jahres) vertrösten.

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Bloggers and the most active community members have received a pre-sample from me - as a small thank you for their years of support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bei mir führt der Link ins leere (404).

Wie geht es weiter nach dem “Pre-Order now” in der App? Kommt da noch ne Mail? Bisher ist bei mir nichts eingetrudelt. Wahrscheinlich bin ich wieder zu ungeduldig :sweat_smile:

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Der Link muss mobil geöffnet werden.

Bestätigungsmail von kommt morgen. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:


All of our St. Lucia single cask bottles from the presale were distributed within the RumX community yesterday! Later today, those who pre-ordered will receive a confirmation email. :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

For all those who missed the pre-sale: A small contingent will still be available on the release date (18.03.22) on :rocket:


Hi Oliver, no news for me to pay, normal ?


Have you checked your Mail, Spam etc.? Dum question, I know. :blush: I actually use my Google account mail for rumx, which differs from my personal email, so maybe it’s this for you too?

If not I suggest to pm Oliver with your RumX info.

Not really cause I left the generic email from the forum (I didn’t change cause I thought it was organized like that).
I check Oliver.

You might also check directly with Sascha from who is handling the shipping (

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Just sent an email, I will see. Thanks

Bei mir war die Bestätigung im Spam-Ordner
Hatte kurz Kontakt mit Sascha weil ich noch im Urlaub bin und die Bestellung nicht vor Sonntag abschließen kann. sofort Antwort bekommen. Alles bestens :+1: