Storage locations for samples not reusable

After assining a storage location to a sample I would like to reuse that location for other samples as well (like it is implemented for bottles).
At the moment I need to type the storage location again and again. Selecting it from a list of previously assigned locations would be much easier.


Hey Jost,

thanks for your feedback. I have just tried to reproduce this. I get the already entered sample locations for selection.

Can you please describe in more detail how and where the behavior occurs? Then I can narrow down the problem.

Thank you for your support. :smiling_face::raised_hands:t3:


Steps to reproduce:

  1. serach for a rum with 2 or more samples or bottles in your collection
  2. select “my collection”
  3. assign new location to one bottle / sample and save
  4. try to assign the location to the other bottle / sample

I figured out that after leaving the view of that specific rum and reselect it the new location is available.

Looks like the trigger to update the users location list is “leave from specific rum view”

Possibly the location list update would be better after saving an element from “my collection”?

Hope that helps.


Ah, I think I have figured out what the problem is. Currently, bottles and samples have separate “location memories”. I implemented this back then so that I use different locations (numbered boxes) for my samples instead of “cellar” or similar for bottles. But of course this is not the case for all users.

In the next update, bottles and samples will “share” the suggestions.