Submission: EAN vs UPC code

I am enjoying many things on this app. I am frustrated; of the 18 bottles I have tried to enter into my bottle 6 were not in the data base. I have taken the time to enter 3, how and when do you know if it is accepted?


Thank you for your feedback! :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:

I would like to go into a little more detail about the process:

If a rum is not found via barcode, this does not necessarily mean that it does not yet exist in the database. The most likely case is that it has already been created but has not yet been linked to the (new) barcode. Have you tried the text search after the scan? Here you can search by vintage, alcohol content, etc.

If you add a new rum to the database, you can use it directly and add it to your collection or create a tasting note, for example. I go through all new submissions 1-2 times a week, check them manually for duplicates and completeness and then release them. After approval, other users can also see the rum.


Thanks ! I’m still learning and my old ass doesn’t learn new tricks easily