The Lone Caner: Creating the Ultimate Rum Database

Lance from The Lone Caner has written a remarkable abstract about the history of rum databases in his blog:

We are incredibly proud of the 2nd part, where he has taken a closer look at RumX and has special praise for it:

A lot has happened since the first version of Rum Tasting Notes. What behind-the-scenes look would you most like to see? :star_struck::tumbler_glass:


Nice read.

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As The Lone Caner is one of the most compentent voices in the rum world his oppinion carries weight. A comprehensive read (as all of his essays) and @Oliver great job done!!


You deserved this special praise Oliver for your dedication.


I came to RumX for its features about the rum.
Today I appreciate the colossal work that is done and that these features are growing but I must say that I remain more connected to the community than to the app… I mean that I come everyday (or almost) on the forum but not to the app.
This app has created this “small” but great community that just needs to grow and last, despite the few borders separating us! :kissing_heart:
We can say something like : This is real European construction, @Oliver You have succeeded where politicians fail :rofl:
Long life to RumX and congratulations to the people behind the scenes :+1:


I couldn’t possibly agree more with everything you said.


Just finished both articles.
Many thanks to Oliver and everyone involved in the creation of RumX.
It is such a powerful tool to navigate in the rum world and to stay up to date.

Feel the love :heart: Well said!

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