The perfect start into the rum universe

Which rums do you recommend to newcomers? I usually try to give a good overview of the different styles / countries. Here you can find a list of rums that I like to recommend to beginners:

What are your tips for getting to know the diversity of rum?

Most people I’ve encountered that start with rum and want to try different things, often talk about spiced “rums” (Kraken, Bumbu, Don Papa, Captain Morgan’s spiced gold…) and sweet Spanish style rums (mostly dosed), like Diplomatico reserva for example. Plantation XO and Zacapa are also mentioned a lot.
I get it why Doorly’s 14 is in the list, because it’s one I also recommend. But I’ve gotten the reaction that people find it expensive (in Belgium around €75 for a bottle). So in that way Doorly’s 12 and XO are often more successful.
When people like rums for mixing, it’s my mission to get them to try other things than Bacardi, Havana Club and Plantation 3 stars white or original dark. So the Rum Bar bottles, Veritas/Probitas, Worty Park 109 are things that I recommend.


Why not put in a Origenes 8 y/o? Its decent, unsugared, easily available (talking for GER) and costs around 30€. At least price-wise thats more a region I would direct a “beginner” towards, than a 75€ Bottle.

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If it’s for mixing purposes the Worthy Park 109 is one of the most versatile and affordable rums I’d recommend which can also be enjoyed straight to the glass. As a good entry to Jamaica one of my first recommendations is already on your list, the Xaymaca Special Dry. It gives you an easy to drink outlook of what makes up a typical rum from Jamaica and it’s very affordable as well.
What I definitely do not recommend to beginners is stuff like Cask Strength or “extreme tastes” like a dirty Caroni. Most people I know are used to (unfortunately) take a shot, i.e. the whole glass, of Vodka or something like that and of course you will kill your throat if you’d do that with a cask strength rum for the first time :smiley:. It’s not so much about which rum is your beginner rum in the end but also about the style of drinking. Even easy zipping rums are nothing for a shot but should be consumed with enjoyment and in very small sips.