Time to say: Thanks a lot!

Today I got again three packages with rum samples. In the last 2 monthsI got around 60 rum samples, with rums I always wanted to try but could not afford, could not buy or was not sure if I want to spend the money for complete bottle without knowing what’s inside.
It’s time to say „thanks a lot!“ to all you guys.
Great job!


Good to hear! I totally agree thats what communities are here for, to share and experience together :smiley:


I can only give that back to everyone :slight_smile: with all the samples I got from here I probably got half my yearly income in bottles haha


I would also like to thank you guys! I really appreciate how great our community is developing and what treasures there are to discover at fair prices… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Today came a package from @Adrian with perfect labels. This makes entering the samples in the collection and tasting them even more fun. I love it! :slight_smile:


I fully agree with this opinion. Besides, we recently and briefly had this discussion in PM with @mto75 . I told him the following:

I’m afraid that in a few years we will struggle to be able to sip the same rums as today because of the rising prices. This community site is great for that because it allows us to taste and share without speculation !!

Of course there are all the black bottles we all know but today, today the phenomenon is growing. If we take Foursquare for example, I quietly bought the 2007 for € 55/60 almost a year after its release. Today it is rather unthinkable, 80 € and you have to be quite fast! In short, we risk knowing the problem experienced by whiskey lovers.
This community site is a good way to continue to share our passion despite the context. Moreover, it can also allow tasting of bottlers which are difficult to find in some countries. I am thinking here, for example, of rum artsanal which is hard to find in France (even if we are starting to see it, it is very recent, only a few months ago).
So… thank you all!
Long live the rum and the rumX community :wink: :grin: