US/CA Velier Caroni 33rd Release High Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum (No Smoking) 1998 16yr 55%

(As this is a first bottle split post of its kind here, I’m expecting it might take quite a bit of time to fill up. Even if you read this late, as long as the post is still up, the bottle split is active and you can participate!)

Purchase price of bottle: $1050 (70 cl)

Quantity to split: 20 oz

Sample prices:

  • 1oz: $45
  • 2oz: $90
  • 4oz: $180

Shipping (uninsured):

  • US: $11
  • Canada: $17


  • By participating in the bottle split, you confirm that you are of legal age to receive and consume alcohol within your jurisdiction.
  • I do not gain a profit from the sample price. Any extra costs in sample pricing consist of the cost of sample bottles, packing material, parafilm and labels.
  • I cannot offer any refunds after payment as all samples are individually bottled for you.
  • Samples will be shipped after a full bottle split has been achieved and payments have been made (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash-App)


  • personal share 3.6 oz

Rest: 20 oz