Use of like button


Lucas had a interesting proposal to subscribe to certain users, that triggered a thought regarding likes.
I am on board for a while now, and I am not sure if I like the “like” functionality :smirk:.

Mostly it seems that there are a certain group of people that do a review in the app and collect likes, but do not give much of the same back. As I can see who liked my reviews (thanks guys and girls), it’s mostly:

  • either the usual bunch (like Oliver, who I believe might use a bot for this :grin:, he is so damn quick)
  • sometimes a user who saw a like from me and liked back

Also, there is the question of visibility of a review, and some reviews do get some likes or few, which number one can increase by “bumping” the review back up.

I find this, however, a bit one sided, as I think a function that is only there to “score” in some sort of ranking has not that much value, and thus don’t like the competition effect this generates.
On the other hand this very ranking and the competition for likes is the reason some do reviews: its to show off.

What do you think about this?

I for myself do place a like if I think the review has some value for the community (like at least one other review category except numerical scoring is given by the reviewer).


I like the like button and I’d even want to see, what I’ve liked in the past.

I use it when a review increases my knowledge about a rum - this is the case if any more than the rating is published. Exceptions apply and I do like tasting notes of rums I don’t know and am interested at even if they are rating-only notes and if I know the reviewer or e.g. know it’s my sample which is tasted.

For myself I try to publish tasting notes with all the information I can give about the rum and I want it to be seen and I’m happy if others enjoy my note. I re-push them occasionally for improving visibility on the next morning. I’d be happy if it is possible to edit a note without pushing it (e.g. when I’m editing a typo) As I wrote in the other thread, I try to keep track of the notes of users I like and am happy about visibility and if I don’t have to watch out for the “Nadel im Heuhaufen” on a Saturday evening.

I do not deny that the number of likes creates a certain competition and I don’t want to promote users publishing their unchanged notes over and over again just for adding a few more likes on top.

But first of all the likes for me are a form of recognition (Anerkennung) for the work somebody has put into his/her note for increasing the information about a rum/the knowledge of the comunity - and tasting is work (I always wanted to do a tasting vs. drinking for enjoyment thread :wink: )


Moin, mir persönlich ist es egal ob ich ein Like bekomme oder nicht. Ich versuche meine Erfahrung bei einer Verkostung weiter zu geben und das beinhaltet auch, eine persönliche Notiz. Ich freue mich, wenn meine Erfahrung anderen hilft, sei es bei einer Kaufentscheidung oder bei was auch immer. Mir geht es um den Spaß :partying_face:dabei und deswegen empfinde ich es nicht als Arbeit. Finden sich nicht hier Leute zusammen, die die gleiche Leidenschaft teilen?!


Nachtrag: Diese vielen Likes könnten suggerieren, dass diese Person viel Erfahrung hat, unter Umständen, doch woher weiß ich das?! Für mich sind diese Likes eher subjektiv . Ich schau dann etwas genauer hin und mich interessieren dann die Rums, die hier verkostet wurden. Ich suche Anregungen und freue mich, wenn auch mal nicht so bekannte Rums vorgestellt werden.

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@MarcT I completely understand and share your scepticism concerning likes. I agree with the competition effect generated by likes and I admit to be affected by it too. I like to give likes to reviews that at least have a short summary of the tasting. For me the text often is the starting point to have a closer look at the review details. And on the opposite I rarly like review that just present “numbers”. Usualy I would like to learn from oneothers reviews and the personal notes have the greatest learning effect to me.
And I absolutely don’t like reviewers how (re)publish large sets of reviews - often just with a basic score.

Possibly the bumping could be disabled or limited but that would have some disadvantages too. The app could ask if a modified review sould just be saved or republished. I’m for instance thinking of “recalibrating” my ratings as I leaned a lot about rum und also tasted some quite good rums. And in respect to that I would like to change some ratings I made in the past but without republishing or bumping.

In general I like the idea of having a personalized stream of review(er)s I prefer to read.
And I dont care much about reviewers high score. But again, others might be highly attracted being member of the top 10 reviewers list :slight_smile:


Ja… In dem Punkt stimme ich dir zu. Mir geht es genauso und ich hatte auch schon überlegt, meine abgebene Bewerbung zu ändern. Ich merke, daß sich die Wahrnehmung ändert und ich mich weiterentwickelt habe. Mir ist daran gelegen, daß eben auch nicht so bekannte Rums zum Zuge kommen. Natürlich habe ich auch gemerkt, daß der Rhum Agricole nicht so im Fokus steht. Da dieser Rhum mir am Herzen liegt, hoffe ich auch andere für diesen Rhum zu interessieren. Ich werde mich auch mit den Ti Arranges auseinandersetzen und hier im Forum meine Erfahrungen teilen.