What are those recent Fernandes Rums

Every now and than some casks are released by DDL which they seem to call Fernandes Rum.

As Fernandes closed by 1973 and all rums at TDL are distilled in the same Multi Columns. What are those rums?
What kind of Fernandes Signature Style are they trying to replicate? Is it lighter, is it more heavy or any other distinctive feature which makes them Fernandes?

I have recently purchased a bottle 1999 Fernandes Kill Devil. It was quite spicy on the nose with toasted oak on the palate (I have yet to upload tasting notes to the database). if you or anyone else is intersted in trying, just send a PM and we can arrange for a sample.

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What’s your experience with other Rums from TDL? Different than the usual mint spiciness?

I guess, I go for a sample. I’ll write you later

The Fernandes is different from the TDLs I have tasted so far, in the sense that it has less mint/menthol and ‚Caroniesque’ notes but is heavier on the toasted oak, spice, coffee, vanilla side.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to know, which makes me buying rather another TDL instead of a Fernandes. I’ll take a sample nevertheless.