What is your favorite everyday rum?

Some rums you really have to be in the mood for. I can’t drink a Caroni or High-Ester Hampden every day… :nerd_face:

On a more straightforward evening, I currently prefer to reach for bottlings from Martinique, such as the J. Bally 2003:

Which rum is your ideal companion for a relaxed evening?


Saint James agricole in a Ti’Punch (Coeur de Chauffe) or Ti’Vieux (XO). I know that’s not pure rum, but I hope it counts as everyday rum :wink: . I love my WPE and DOK rums and also my 1994 Enmore by S.B.S. but they are simply too special as everyday rum.

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Agricole seems to be a good everyday category.
I prefer the Rhum J.M. XO, which has a very good value for money.

Another rum in a similar price range is the Plantation One Time Limited Edition Barbados 2011. Higher drinking strength, dry but fruity. Bajan nose without excessive coconut and not too woody.

For me an every day rum should - next to having a great taste :wink: - be 1) permanently available or at least available in a substantial quantity and 2) somewhere between 45-55% since I prefer stronger rums over heavy dilution and want to be able to ideally drink it right away, i.e. without having to let it sit in the glass for too long to let the aromas of the rum open up fully.
The V&M Diamond 2001 Savalle Still is one of these rums, sold out by now, but it was available for quite some time at a fair price point. It has a fine profile without being too overwhelming or too complex for easy sipping.

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For me, such dailies ideally cost 50-80 euros and are also permanently available. Some that I like to drink are also >100 euros.
Charimans Evanius Harris or 2005
HV EMB 2010
HV WPM 2006
HV LROK 2010
Foursquare 2005, 2007
Black Tot 50
Velier Tiger Shark
TRC Fiji 17

I find myself enjoying unaged Jamaican rum, such as rum fire, Wray & Nephews as well as Habitation Velier Long Pond.

But the true bank for the buck for me was the Rum Nation Reunion 7yo Cask Strenght…a true gem for only 50€…very balanced, refreshing thanks to the menthol accent, and really tasty!

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da der genuß von rum oder whisky für mich immer ein genuß und kein tägliches einerlei bleiben soll, “ernähre” ich mich da eher von samples. und selbst die stehen immer relativ lange bei mir rum, bevor ich da mal ran gehe.