What rum is this?

Can anyone tell me What rum this is?

That’s Diver Rum, 45%, 50cl. :+1:


Edit: The Diver Rum “Wreck Edition” 2019 is a “Caribbean & Barbados” blend – and that looks like a more premium(?) offering…numbered bottles and the whole shebang. Leads me to believe that your bottle is of similar, maybe simpler origin. Looks coloured. Is possibly (or most likely) sweetened. In other words: a random rum, bottled as a gimmick by a dive shop with a fun treasure map label. Maybe interesting if you’re into diving, but not something any rum nerd would seek out.

Edit2: Source (maybe ask those guys):

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Smart guy :wink:
But Would be interested if someone actually know about it.

That was a brilliant answer :wink:

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back label actually says ‚Caribiske‘ which I understand is Danish for Caribbean. Maybe this points towards a Danish bottler?

I agree with @DevidedByZero, though. It appears to me as this is some sort of ‚fun bottling‘ by a garage bottler for a closed community. i.e. that is not meant to go out to larger retail markets

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Backside of this bottle. So as you say is made by some danish even if this is in english
Thank so much for all information

Nice, even some boobies on the reverse of the front label :grin:

15yo Barbados Guyana blend… sounds ok, actually.

The most important thing is that you enjoy drinking it :tumbler_glass:

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Yes was great!
That is Why I would like to find out What was inside :wink:
I also think it is a fun copy of Wreck
Thanks for all help

If you’re looking for alternatives (your bottle appears to near its end) you may want to check out Plantation XO. Depending on where you’re located. You can also open a thread for that. It’s unlikely anyone here has tasted that particular rum, but 15yo Barbados-Guyana-Blend at 40% might be enough information to come up with some suggestions.

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Ok so a 15yo Barbados-Guyana-Blend at 40% Would be simular
Have you any you think Would be nice and doesnt cost a fortune :wink:

Is the El Dorado 15 years a good one?

Yes a very good for its price! But 2 there are 2 versions of it
The first one with sugar added
The second without sugar. Check the label to see the difference (special reserve is without sugar added)

Personnaly, my choice goes to the second one.


And the doorlys are pretty good barbados rums around 40% which are at a fair price.

The el dorado draws more on candied prune, sugar mist and caramel, well wooded. It’s very … Guyana :grin:
The doorlys is more nuts, light tobacco, coconut vanilla… it’s very … barbados :grin: