What to do with small samples after opening?

Just a short question to see what your experience is:
Do you finish small samples always immediately after opening, or do you keep a rest for later in the sample bottle, for another crosstasting maybe or because its high value?
I mostly keep them but the problem with the storage gets bigger and bigger …


Depends on the size.

5 cl samples and smaller I often finish off in the same go because you need at least three sips for the perfect experience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If possible (5cl) I always drink 2 x 2,5cl to check if it tastes “different” on another day. Your sense of taste works different, depending on what you ate that day etc.


I use 5cl samples at least 2 times if i drink alone. Sometimes i refill the last 2cl in a small sample bottle for later. Mostly when i am not sure if i get another sample of that rum. Because most have very high ABV and because i mostly drink more than one rum it is not so easy to finish a 5cl sample at once without getting :crazy_face:


I always try to keep some to retry later on. Specially Caronis or other rums which oxidation benefits a lot.


I always do multiple tastings out of one sample. Thats why I basically never buy 2cl samples (other than super expensive rums).
But I try to retaste the same rum after a “short” time again. So most likely within 1 or 2 months so my memory is fresh about what happened in the first tasting.

Waiting to finish small samples for huge crosstastings can happen of course, but thats an exception.


Ich verkosten 2cl Samples 2x und 5cl reichen oft für 3 Sessions. Es gibt aber auch Ausnahmen.
Nach meiner Einschätzung sinkt der “Bedarf” mit zunehmender Erfahrung. Anfangs habe ich ein 5cl Sample oft in einer Verkostung geleert.
Inzwischen finde ich es aber interessant zu schauen wie sich ein Rum nach einer gewissen Zeit in der halb geleerten Flasch ändert.


Usually I split a 5cl into 2 sessions, just to avoid drinking on a bad day, and missing some fun. As I dont want to have too many open samples (just due to available space in my cupboard) I finish a sample usually within a week.


Usually I get 5cl samples if possible. Trying to get at least 3 tastings from it as I prefer to retaste the rum after a short time. It’s very interesting to note how a rum might taste from one day to another depending on so many factors. I don’t refill “leftovers” into smaller bottles as I’m way too lazy to do sth like that :smiley: Luckily i don’t have issues regarding the storage problem…


I also prefer 4/5 cl samples and try to split it in two sessions same then @MarcT. I am afraid to miss something on the first time when its not a “perfect” day.

I also try so finish a sample within one week as long as a good memory of the tasting is available like @Leo


Actually, usually 1cl is enough for me to familiarize with a given rum in a single go (though this requires deep focus and dedication). If the tasting is done thoroughly, I don’t get any new notes from next sips beyond 1cl.

With bigger samples there is more space to be relaxed and drink for pleasure, not only for evaluation. However I never pour more than 2cl.

I keep the open samples in my cabinet either for next tasting or to share if someone who might like it visits me.


For me, 2 - 3 cl in a single tasting are enough. Therefore, typically I retain about half of 5cl samples for later tastings. I find it quite useful to retain some sample stock for comparison. For instance with the 94 Enmore REVs, where now quite a number of releases have taken place, I felt that it was really valuable to being able to make direct comparisons. Of course, there are also space issues attached, I have meanwhile 5 big storage boxes :joy:


When I started, 5cl went in 1 go… After a while I started to do very small ones. Problem I have now is the stock of samples with a lot of oxidation (of course not all rums are affected) and no more relevance to have an objective try. I tend to finish all these samples now to clear the board :smile: hard life! :joy: