Whisky Live in Paris

Did anyone here visit the Whisky Live in Paris in the past?
Rodolphe, you maybe?

Yes I do : each year since 2013

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No I was at the rum fest this year. I never tried the whisky live (because september is not easy for me and because I don’t like whsky).
I heard only good feedback from this event though.

I have been the last 2 times and was just thrilled. The quality of the exhibitors and the bottlings are absolutely world class. Especially in the VIP area, the producers bring many releases that only be released in the following months. For example, there were from Velier the 3 new employee releases, the new Elliott Magnum releases, the MHOBA FAQ Plastic and other highlights to taste in advance:

I will definitely be there again this year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


But why did you ask ?

Oliver. Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately, the link doesn’t work for me.
Forrest, I asked because I’m thinking about visiting it this year. What I wanted to know is if it is worth the long way if you have the normal ticket only. Or do you have the full fun only with any kind of VIP access. I would like to taste some of the new bottlings, maybe buy some rum which you hardly get on German market, listen to some of the presentations etc.