Whisky Live Paris 2021

Whisky Live is taking place in Paris this weekend. There will again be a separate area dedicated to rum:

Do you know if there will be exclusive event bottlings (like last time)? If so, I’d be happy to bring some along for a few bottle splits! :smirk: :tumbler_glass:


I saw this passing by today: LMDW’s creations that they will use Whiskylive for to announce them.

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Hopefully you will see the new Liberation(s) and the one or another Neisson (15Y 2005?)! And some Appletons…

That Saint Lucia is the only interesting release of Plantation SC series this year - but only 318 bottles and probably only sold at whisky live :worried:

LMDW likes to create rarity to drive up bottle prices. They are strong in marketing … They give less and less allowances to stores as well … so no doubt: there will be unique things there that we will quickly see on ebay and rumaucionneer :frowning:
They have very good bottlings, but now when I can avoid them, I do.

Schöne Insta-Strecke!

Was hat es mit der Elliott Erwitt-Serie auf sich? Das war am Velier-Stand, oder?

Der Plantation Clarendon 1994, ist das ein New Yarmouth a la Rum Artesanal?

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