Whisky & Rom Festival Copenhagen

Getting ready for tonight’s Festival where I know Romdeluxe has a magnificent collection of rums :heart_eyes:


Hopefully you’ll have a great evening and even better sips in your glass :blush:

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Danke Olivia :heart:

Ich habe wohl den falschen Wohnort gewählt. :wink:
Bin schon etwas neidisch. :wink: :wink:
Dir auf jeden Fall viel Spaß.
Allen ein schönes Wochenende.


@UWE68 vielen Dank :tumbler_glass:

Have fun Kevin!
You may want to pass by Juuls plantation stand, and ask for their little ester surprise :fire:

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Thanks, will pass all of them later on today :blush:

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Ganz viel Spaß, Kevin! Bei euch in DK gibt es relativ häufig Spirituosen-Events, Tastings etc., oder?

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Ja stimmt dies ist Nummer 6 :blush:

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Almost ready to get in :grin:

Yikes, too much sugar and Christmas spices.

Wow, very sweet and fruit, nothing for me…

Fruity and well rounded. Medium wood and light caramel.

Well rounded and fruity with a nice floral note and light roasted nutts.

Fruity and spicy with light caramel. The Peated notes come out after around 10 minutes of resting.

Warm and floral with nice grass notes. Oily with very nice earthy and vegetal notes.

Fresh and fruity with nice caramel and chocolate notes. Lightly funky with a nutty touch.

Well balanced with wood, dried fruit and nice spices. Light polish note with licorice and natural sweetness.

Fresh and fruity with coconut and spices. Well balanced and naturally sweet with roasted, caramel and chocolate notes.

Fresh with nice esters and pineapple. Warm and oily on the palate and a very long finish.


Very good whisky with nice balance. Good ABV integration and a long finish.

Sweet rum and the cask is present. Nothing for me.

Sweet rum and the cask is present. Nothing for me.

Sweet rum and the cask is present. Nothing for me.

A retasting for me and I still like the fruity, licorice and chocolate notes. Wood and ABV integration is really good.


Sieht gut aus. Danke für die Bilder…und wie ist die Romdeluxe Jubiläumsabfüllung aus Guyana?


Die ist ganz OK, der Preis vielleicht ein bisschen zu hoch :blush:


Very sweet with a dominant citrus note, nothing I like :slight_smile:

Very sweet with chocolate and caramel, nothing for me either :slight_smile:

Sweet and fruity with a citrus note. Caramel and roasted nuts are coming out after resting. A bit rough around the edges.

Very nicely balanced and fruity with a light floral note. Sweet and oily with a light coffee note.

Sweet and rough in the profile. Fruity and popular with many younger tasters.

Sweet and fruity with caramel and wood. Nice balance between the wood and spices. Light tobacco note in the finish.

Sweet and well balanced but like the predecessors, nothing I’d buy for my cabinet.

Sweet and well rounded with fruits and roasted wood. Light chocolate in the profile.

Very nice Whisky but also comes at a cost.

A very nice and mellow whisky and I’d day that Umami has definitely been hit with this release. Very expensive release though.


Soft and yet intense with nice fruits and spices. I love the floral notes on this one.

Nice dried fruit and roasted wood notes. Light clove and coffee in the profile.

Really well balanced and surprising rum. Fruity with nice spices and well integrated wood. Lovely fresh and vegetal notes.

Very nice rum with nice cherry and wood notes. Light caramel and lovely Agricole notes.

Very different profile with fruit and smoky notes. Dry with some peat notes after resting for a while.


Very fruity with a spicy touch. Has both vegetal and earthy notes with light caramel.

More grassy than the previous one. Peppery with some cherry and stronger wood notes.

A very nice and well balance release. Medium fruity and fresh with nice Agricole notes.

A new release with heavy burned casks. Very nice roasted wood notes and also very light peat notes.

A retaste and I still like the nice light fruit and wood combined with grass and nutty notes.

Another retaste and I love this one as well. Light coffee and licorice notes combined with lots of fruits and light chocolate.


A pretty new release. Very fresh with light fruit, roasted wood and some nutts. There is a very light caramel note in there as well.

A very old release from the 70’s. A release for Denmark only. Nice and fruity with a light profile. Another piece of history.

Not the worlds best rum but still not too bad. Probably a good mixer. Lightly fruity with herbal and medicinal notes. There is a light floral note in there as well.

Pretty decent whisky.dk release. Fruity and well balanced 10 year old Barbados with a bit more punch than the regular Plantation releases.

Totally unknown brand to me. Very sweet and probably a good dessert rum in my mind.

Pretty decent release. Sweet and fruity with a floral touch and a very light smoky note. After resting caramel and chocolate notes join in.

Not the best release. I think the cask has taken over. Spicy and fruity with a light herbal touch.

The same problem as the previous one. Fruity with a toffee note and spices. Warm and spicy palate but out of balance somehow.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Nice esters and fruits with a spicy touch. Love the natural sweetness in there. Faint caramel note in there as well.

I got this one for the walk home to the hotel and it’s a really nice release. Fresh and intense at the same time. Fruity with light herbal and floral notes. There is a light minty and marzipan note in there as well.

Final pour of the day had to be Romdeluxe :blush:


Großes Dankeschön für die vielen Bilder :+1:

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Danke für die Einschätzung. “Ganz ok” ist bei dem Preis dann etwas wenig. Romdeluxe Preisgestaltung ist ja leider auch am oberen Ende.


Da muss ich leider zustimmen :slight_smile: