White rums for sipping

so I been sipping rums many years
but when it comes to white rums I only ever had cheap ones to mix
are there white rums that you can sip
it’s something I never done …plus I wouldn’t have a clue about good white rums that don’t need mixing I have seen some white rums but costing over 50 .I think that’s too expensive to start with just in case it’s not my thing


It’s personal preference of course, but there are some very good white sipping rums!

I like to drink the 1403 SBS Origin Series Rums neat as well as in Cocktails. Savanna Lontan and HERR are probably my favorite whites. WPE (e.g. RX319), Clairin in general and agricoles are great too! When it comes to agricole baie des tresoirs is my favorite so far.


Agree, there are some great whites ones for when I’m in the right mood and what something very vibrant and „unmuted“

In particular, the Neisson L‘espirit was great and I had a white DOK in a bar in Amsterdam that was great as well :confetti_ball:

Very curios about the Grand Arome Savanna… I have the Velier HERR unaged but that’s not my cup of tea


ok I will have a look thanks

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We see these last years a “premiumization” of the white rum. We are no longer only in front of products intended to be mixed. This category still exists, but a new category has appeared: the white rums of tasting. There are more and more of them and honestly, some are really surprising (great white vietnam for example is really surprising).
Of course the prices are also much higher than the others, even very high sometimes (around 70€ or 80€ for white rums I find it very expensive). But around 40€/50€ you can find white rums with a lot of “personnality” and which are really worth to be tasted for what they are.
Of course then I love to mix them and see what it gives in cocktails. Because it’s like in cooking, the quality and the taste of the basic ingredients really matter in the final result!


I mostly drink unaged rums, just neat with nothing else. My three bottles I go through the most are Neisson Blanc, Paranubes, and Clairin Vaval. The Neisson L’Esprit mentioned above is probably my favorite but at 70% I try not to go through that one too much.

Aged rum is usually more focused on the barrel characteristics, where as with unaged rum the base ingredients, fermentation, and distillation type can shine more. I know the 3 I mentioned above are cane juice but that doesn’t mean I dislike unaged rums made from cane molasses(I loved the Velier Worthy Park 502) or cane syrup(River Antoine is great).


Yes, there are a few good white rums to sip.
I can post 2 of my favourites lately. Both are jamaican, so I dont know if you are into that:
Around 45€:

Around 50€:

If you are looking more into the “good mixing rums, that also can be sipped”-category I can highly recommend the new Single Origin Rum Series by SBS, that we were able to test in Berlin at the GRF 2022, all neat and in a daiquiri.

And there was a not so good Port Mourant and a very, very good Dominican white Rum in this series of 4. They all cost around 35€, so I think they are a great deal for a high-quality mixer.


Don’t let them foo you. It was the other way around


will look ok cheers

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