Wild series release tasting

Getting ready for a tasting by Romdeluxe :heart_eyes:


Sehr schön !! Viel Spaß… bin unglaublich gespannt wie du den Nicaragua bewertest !


Kim from Romdeluxe is telling pirate stories :sweat_smile:




  1. The Oddmar Edt. 3 year Richland Distillery 43,1%
    Intense, grass, vanilla, cherries, raisin, nuts, dry, natural sweetness. I write intense because despite the low ABV it really carries a lot and I mean a lot of flavours and depth.
    I ended up buying a bottle of this “Beaver” release that has a funny story to it :blush:

  2. Panama 16 year Secret Distillery 59,6%
    Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, banana, wood, very good ABV integration.

  3. Belize 8 year Travellers Distillery 60%
    Coconut, vanilla, caramel, nuts, tropical fruits, roasted, wood, needed to rest for a while before all flavours were released.

  4. Imperial Navy 10-11 year Secret Distilleries 57,18%
    A blend that they had to redo a few times before they were able to limit the dominating coconut from Barbados present in the blend.
    Warm, wood, raisin, pineapple, coconut, roasted notes

  5. Barbados 19 year Foursquare Distillery 50,7%
    This one threw us completely off, maybe because the glass was cold, because we tipped it as a Ten Cane.
    Light, tropical fruit, cherries, wood, warm, oily
    The coconut and chocolate was in the empty glass after app. 30 minutes.

  6. Trinidad 13 year Ten Cane Distillery 64%
    This one could be older because it wasn’t possible to get information on how long it was stored tropically.
    Sugarcane, balanced, wood, roasted, cherries, caramel, chocolate
    Super ABV integration and smooth on the palate.

  7. Dominican Republic 15 year Secret Distillery 65%
    Smoky, wood, caramel, chocolate, iodine, dried fruit
    Another release with pretty good ABV integration after resting.

  8. Wild Series #37 Nicaragua 24 years - Exclusive for Whisky.dk
    This is an exclusive for the host, so a very limited release, I think the result is good but that the price is a bit off.
    Roasted wood, spices, vanilla, nutmeg, chocolate, nuts, tobacco

I have some samples so I’ll score them later because at the end we were all more or less tipsy :partying_face:


Vielen Dank für deine Ausführlichen Eindrücke!!
Liest sich wirklich gut


Der hier war auch da als überraschung.

Unicorn Series 2
Marqué MEE, EHP Coffeystill

Complex, balanced, smooth, wood, leather, licorice, cherry, raisin, solvents, caramel and chocolate
Super well balanced with great ABV integration.