WOMEN: TheDistillates Tasting 14: Dusty Rums from the 1950 & 1960s

The Distillates runs regular online live tasting series, and in 2023 we are focusing on creating a more diverse audience. We have 3 spots left for people who genuinely identify as female and are willing to join the video call. Details below.

Tasting 14: Dusty Rums from the 1950 & 1960s

This is a change of rhythm. No distiller. No single brand story. Instead, join me and amateur spirit historian and Catawiki’s dusty bottle authenticator Emile Smits as we visit the lost and found shelf and enjoy rum bottles from an era long passed.

To paraphrase the esteemed words of the Lone Caner: these days such rums are not strictly unicorns, because that would suppose we know something about them – for some, their makers have long since been forgotten, the bottles drained, the labels faded, and they were not made for a discerning audience. Yet the rums still turn up here and there like old-fashioned, tarnished gems in your late Grandmother’s Edwardian jewelry box, whose story and origin have been lost because no-one ever thought to remember. Sad really. Perhaps here we can recall their memories from the days of receding empire.

  1. Keeling Demerara (42%) - b. 1960s

  2. Mount Gay (40%) - b. 1980s

  3. Le Galion Grand Arôme (52%) - b. 1950s

  4. Marie Brizard Charleston Rhum (44%) - b. 1960s

  5. Captain Morgan’s (43%) - b. 1960s

  6. Appleton 12 (rare German import bottle) from the 1970s 43%

  7. Cusenier Ron Rico rhum (44%) - b. 1960s-70s (blended, no distillery)

  8. Robinson Golden Jamaican Rum (42%) b. 1950s (blended, no distillery)


Price: 60 EUR + ship from Holland (EU) or Germany (World).

Set: 8 samples @ 20ml

Timing: tasting June(ish) or August. To be scheduled as soon as it sells out and we coordinate.

Comment below and I will figure out how to send you the signup details.


Hello @Shane,

I am really excited about this wonderful initiative and would like to thank you for organizing it! :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:

I am very much looking forward to the extraordinary tasting event and would be very happy to have a few more female RumX community members there. :partying_face::tumbler_glass:


Just for Emile I would already be in :smiley:


What a great idea!
I’m in!

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Guys. Read first


Maybe @RumTaTa identifies as female, who are we to judge?! :wink:


I did and just wanted to advocate for the great team!


You are right, I was in a rush and didn’t red carefully - my bad.

Thanks for the notice @lukasdrinkinghabits

No, I defenitly do not :wink:


Hi guys, I would love to participate. I know my account is new, this is because I was sharing an account with @Christopher to better manage our collection!


Sounds great Kristini! After you we have one final spot left. I haven’t figure out how to DM on here, can you drop me a message? If not on here facebook messenger works for me as well (Redirecting...)

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I’d love to participate :blush:


Sounds great Sylle! Final spot is yours. I haven’t figure out how to DM on here, can you drop me a message? If not on here facebook messenger works for me as well (Redirecting...)

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If you tap on someone’s profile picture, a window will appear with a blue “message” button :wink:


Sending direct messages to other community members requires trust level 1, which is quickly achieved by some passive activity in the forum (reading topics).


I am desperately trying to convince my wife that Rum is such a versatile spirit and that she should also participate in a tasting event. Unfortunately, she is more into Gin.

I would love to read a summary of your tasting event afterwards. Maybe YOU can convince her to try some of the samples you will taste. :smiley:

Great initiative! Have fun!