Your favourite music while sipping rum

I would like to know whats your favourite music to listen to during your rum sessions.

Here are two examples of what I like to listen to while holding my nosing glass filled with some fine drops of rum:

  • Ernest Ranglin - Surfin
  • Love Grocer - Horsman Dub

No music at all, sitting on the balkony and enjoying the view.

However, it’s maybe due to the facts that my kids usually amount for some kind of music, and thus I cherish the peaceful evenings in the summer.

Just Fireplace crackle, live or streamed :relieved:

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Bob Marley of course if I listen to music at all though :wink:


@RumTaTa, Ernest Ranglin Surfin. Coooooooool…

Just to name some favourites:
Ken Boothe / Inna da Yard
Creole Love Calls
Ruben Gonzales / Introducing…
100% Dynamite
Studio One Ska
Lionel Belasco (when drinking Caroni)