Community Live Events

Yesterday we had a small community tasting session with @DomM, @FabiDram, and @Chris and we enjoyed it a lot. We’ll definitely do a follow-up.

I’d love to do some events beyond an online video call and meet you guys in person (again). Some of us met at the GRF last year, but maybe we can do our community event?

My current idea is to do some rum excursions: Perhaps it is possible to visit a bottler before a release. Learn about their job, have a look at their warehouse, taste the recent releases. Joshua Singh once invited people to visit him in Denmark in the last SBS tasting at the rum depot. If he’s serious about that, we could try to arrange a visit.

Also, let’s gather some ideas that are more likely to be realized :slight_smile:

  • In person tasting sessions?
  • Visit spirit fairs?

Great idea! But for me time and budget might be an issue, that’s why I don’t know if Denmark would be the right choice for me.

But online/in person tastings or a trip to Flensburg should be possible for me.

Edit: And I‘ll be at this years GRF on Saturday aswell. Will be there with a few friends.


First: thanks for starting that topic off.
As I’m not as flexible as other might be concerning (long distance) travelling I would prefer the kind of online tasting some of you hold this week.
Visiting some IBs would be great and I suggest to stick to “closer” candidates (RA, RumClub, TheRumCask, Old man spirits, … ) first. That would reduce travel time and costs.

I’ll participate at '22s GRF too.
What about some kind of dress code to recognice community members?


I love the idea of both online events and live excursions! Very happy to support here with the planning and execution. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

Regarding the upcoming GRF event, a RumX warmup party is also something I could think of. A few of my rarity samples would be a perfect start into such an event. I’ll think about how this could look like.

Regarding dress code at the fair: I will be happy to provide RumX community shirts again, like last year. That was really fun!


I really like the idea with the online tastings, as well as visiting some IB!

Wearing the RumX shirts I found at the last GRF as very positive! Otherwise I would not have recognized Lukas, Dom, Chris and Oliver! I will definitely wear mine again on Saturday this year :grin:!


Great idea with the T-Shirts! I‘d take one if possible. How much do they cost?

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I obviously had a few rums before that photo happened :shushing_face:

That’s a great idea! (Also I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be available this august)

regarding my idea of visiting some bottlers, I see, that visiting Denmark is perhaps not the idea, hat is easiest to realize. Perhaps we could organize a community Webtasting with Nina or Joshua for their upcoming releases (they just teased new SBS releases on Instagram).

To the Bottlerlist of @RumTaTa, I’d like to add Isla del Ron. They should be releasing something new soon. Their last drop was very good and they usually don’t do a lot of marketing so a community event might be a real push for their drop.


I have a quite big garden and summer time is about to start where you can spend some time outside too :smiley: so I am happy to offer some space for a RumX garden party here in Falkensee :wink: theoretically even up to 4 people could comfortably sleep at my place. So there’s definitely room to plan an in person tasting.

PS Even if you come by plane to Berlin the walking distance from the gate to my home is just about 4 km :smiley: (there’s a direct train connection from the Airport to Falkensee).


I’m in! :grin:
That could be a “community member bings a bottle party” :partying_face:


That would be amazing! :smiley:

I will create an extra thread here in the forum a few weeks before the event in order to check the demand and then order the shirts bundled. Most likely I will sponsor the shirts for the most active community members again. :relaxed::heart:


Concerning IdR: my last information (April 2021) was, that there (sadly) won’t be any new rum-drop…:disappointed_relieved:

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:cry::disappointed_relieved::cry::sob: nach dem tollen letzten Drop wäre das echt sehr schade!

Mir hat er auf meine Frage auch nie geantwortet

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Solche (0,7 Liter!!) Abfüllungen wie LP 12 years für unter 50 Euro, Fiji 19 years für unter 90 Euro und Clement 15 years für unter 90 Euro waren schon absolute PLV-Kracher!!!
Und die Pullen waren jeweils vergleichsweise sehr laaaange auf dem First-Market verfügbar, da sie glücklicherweise weit unter Sammler- und Quick Buck- Radar flogen…


Hi guys, what about a tasting event with the HD Esterploration set? Some of you might even invite friends since 5 cl is certainly enough for two people for a single tasting. We could do a video conference or even a live tasting when some of you want to come to Falkensee :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in, as I do not have tasted any of the Velier bottlings you pictured.

Meine Info bzgl. IdR ist, dass eigentlich längst schon die neuen Releases rauskommen sollten, aber sich das anhand von Flaschen- und/oder Etikettenmangel auf Ostern rum verschiebt. Mal schauen, ob es klappt.


Das wäre natürlich genial!!!:heart_eyes:

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