Hampden marks of original bottlings

I’ve done some research on the Hampden original bottlings currently available to the German market and try to compile all marques. This is how far I’ve come:

Bottling Batch Marque Esters (gr/hlpa)
Hampden Estate HLCF Classic L1/21 100% ? HLCF 400–600
Hampden Estate 5YO LROK 2016/2021 L1/21 100% 2016/2021 LROK 314.8
Hampden Estate 5YO LROK 2018/2023 L1/23 100% 2018/2023 LROK 349.5
Hampden Estate LROK 2010 L1/21 100% 2010/2021 LROK 334.7
Hampden Estate 8 Years L1/21 100% 2013/2021 OWH 40–80
Hampden Estate Pagos L1/22 100% LROK or a blend 394
Hampden Estate Pagos L1/23 100% HLCF 467.9
Hampden Estate Great House L1/19 80% 2012/2019 OWH, 20% 2016/2019 <>H ?
Hampden Estate Great House 2020 L1/20 80% 2013/2020 OWH, 20% 2017/2020 <>H ?
Hampden Estate Great House 2021 L1/21 50% 2014/2021 LFCH, 50% 2018/2021 <>H ?
Hampden Estate Great House 2022 L1/22 74% 2019/2022 HGML, 26% 2011/2022 LFCH ~400
Hampden Estate Great House 2023 L1/23 60% 2021/2023 LROK, 40% 2016/2023 HLCF ?
Rum Fire 100% unaged HLCF ~450

Anyone able to fill the last gaps? I couldn’t find any info on the Pagos. Also, did I miss any original bottlings or batches?



Pagos 2022 is 394 gr/hlpa esters. This means it’s LROK, bordering HLCF. I’m unsure if it’s a blend of marques. This can be read on the back label of the bottle, and is also confirmed here.

Pagos 2023 is 467,9 gr/hlpa esters and thus HLCF. Again unsure if it’s a blend of marques. This info can be found on the technical sheet provided to shops. Ironically Velier’s own page lists false information, as it’s just a copy paste of the '22 article.



Thanks for this info! I’m a little unsure about the 2022/04 upload date in the url of the technical sheet… but the file name says 2023. But yeah, various shops seem to have this exact info for the 2023 pagos.

The website of Spirit Academy says the following about Pagos 2023:

The rum consists of a 14-barrel blend of HLCF 2021, aged in the barrels in June 2022.