How do you rate?

Hi Community,

I’ve stumbled upon a simple but good question:

Do you rate Rums in relation to every other Rum you tasted so far (e.g. DOK vs. TECC) or in relation to the same mark and distillery (DOK vs. DOK)?

Or do you rate in a completely other way?



Just in the moment. Regardless.

Edit: maybe this topic is useful


The rating practice question will never be done discussing :slight_smile: .
I always rate the rum in comparison with my personal preferences, anything else doesn’t matter. For instance, if this is the best guavaberry-flavoured rum I’ve had but I just don’t like guavaberry-flavoured rums in general, it earns a 3 (while the other guavaberry-flavoured rums get 1 or 2 :slight_smile: ). I will not create a separate ranking for guavaberry-flavoured rums in my head and rate something I don’t like high just because it dominates the category.


I just rate along how I like it, keeping the meaning of score in the app in mind. A 6 there is already a good rum, actually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be that as it may, of course I have now tasted lots of different and similar rums, so there is a comparison ongoing, especially if it’s from the same distillery. So, for example, I identify what goes for my from Hampden, and what not, and rate accordingly. Marks, Barrels, Age etc. only matter in relation to “does it taste good or do I need to spit it out”.