Pre-order of Steffen Mayer's long-awaited Caroni book

We are very happy to announce the partnership between Steffen Mayer and RumX today!

We met Steffen at the German Rum Festival in Berlin in 2019 and felt directly connected. In addition to a friendship, a partnership between his epic Caroni book and your favourite rum app has also developed over the past few months. So you will find a QR code for every Caroni release in the book, which will lead you directly to the corresponding rum in the RumX app. By offering this, we create an interactive bridge between the analogue reading experience and the tasting impressions of the fast growing RumX community.

We are thrilled to be part of this very special project. Since Steffen doesn’t run an own online shop, we act as the official subscription partner and organise the process to support him with the pre-financing of the book. From now on you can officially pre-order his work “Caroni - 100% Trinidad Rum” via RumX. You can find the form within the app in the tab “Xplore” (from version 10.6.8). The invoicing and shipping will then be handled by Steffen Mayer.

All texts in the book are translated into English, French, Italian and German.

:arrow_forward: Click here to pre-order from our partner with worldwide shipping.

What insights do you get from the book? Here’s a quick appetiser from Steffen:

This exceptional book is the result of five years of full-time research and shows the demise of the sugar cane industry and the Caroni distillery in Trinidad from different perspectives: from the people, from key employees, from Angostura - the last remaining distillery in Trinidad - from Luca Gargano, who rediscovered the incredible stock of barrels, and Carsten Vlierboom from E.A. Scheer, who valued the barrels in 2000. But this work is much more. It explains the production of rum in general and the differences at Caroni in a way that is easy to understand for every reader. It reveals the last riddles of the distillation plants of the Caroni distillery. In addition, it sensitises the rum collector with regard to many questions, starting with the acquisition and storage of bottles and ending with the recognition of counterfeits. The reader will find illustrations of all known original Caroni bottlings before the closure as well as all bottlings after the company’s closure. They are supplemented by a lot of additional information, such as the correct bottle numbers of the releases, which many are eagerly awaiting, and background information on the independent bottlers. This work comprises 1136 pages in a 36-cm landscape format. The two volumes in a slipcase weigh a total of 9.4 kg and were produced in Italy in the highest quality.



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Steffen was at the print works yesterday and filmed the production of his book. Really impressive:

For those without a Facebbok account: We will be recording an interview with Steffen tomorrow where we will also capture insights into the finished book. I will share the video with you here probably on Monday. :partying_face::tumbler_glass:


The app isn’t available in USA and we need the app to order?

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The launch in the USA is planned for later in the year. However, you are welcome to send me a private message with your address and I will manually create the order for you in the system. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

Yesterday Steffen visited us for an interview about his book. The book has captivated us so much that we could not let it out of our hands. It’s amazing what exciting stories and stunning insights Steffen has been able to uncover in the last 5 years. :exploding_head:

We are now editing the video at full speed so that you can get a comprehensive impression of the content and the extraordinary value of the book. :rocket:

A few impressions from the day:


We were busy over the weekend and have finished editing the video for you. Here is the final cut:

Until the end of the week the pre-sale is still running at the exclusive subscription price. After that, the regular price of 299€ takes effect in all points of sale.
:arrow_forward: Click here to get your copy


The book seems really interesting.
I filled the form 2 days ago to pre order it but I didn’t receive any news. Did I miss something?

Thanks !

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Steffen checks the new reservations within 48 hours. You should receive a confirmation and invoice from Steffen today. :slight_smile:

Ok great news. I was afraid that my application didn’t work since we don’t receive any kind of confirmation.


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ich habe gerade ein Buch bestellt, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob die Bestellung durch ist.
Könnt Ihr mir ein Feedback geben?
Vielen Dank.
Beste Grüße

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Ist vermerkt und Du solltest in den nächsten 24 Stunden eine Bestätigung und Rechnung von Steffen erhalten. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

Small reminder: Tonight ends the presale at the exclusive subscription price. :blush: :tumbler_glass:

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The subscription is now closed. From now on the order will be handled directly by our partner

@Oliver any estimate when subscription orders will be shippped?

Edit: People with reading ability are at an advance :smiley: the bill says
“Der Versand des Buches erfolgt in der KW 21, 2022”

Lieferverzögerungen nicht ausgeschlossen, durch Ablenkung der Kollegen bei Abholung der RumX-Palette (siehe Hintergrund) :laughing:


Packing and shipping is planned for the weekend. So it won’t be long until you can hold Steffen’s legendary book in your hands. :slight_smile:


Touchtown in Vienna!! Still have two telecons, can‘t wait…


It even beats GOAT as heaviest book I own.

Steffen, respect for your work, it‘s a Habilitation thesis. Many thanks!!!