RumX Beta: New sliders for rum profile

I like the look and feel of the comming RumX 2. Currently, I’m missing some filtering and sorting options, but I’m confident that they will find their way into the final release. But am I the only one who is missing the old spider web charts for the rum profile? The new way may be simpler, but is it better? I have the feeling we are loosing information. And I’m still not sure what the new categories really mean. Is “fresh” now “fruity” or “floral” or both? Where to put “spicy” now?
Taste is a subjective thing but for me a rum can be fuity and with lot of wood at the same time. Wit the slider I have to decide between the categories, with the spider web I’m free.
How do you all translate the old categories into the new ones?

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This is a very good question and I appreciate feedback and discussion of any kind. To explain the background of the new system I wrote a post some time ago:

The basic tenor to the new way was (so far) positive. However, I am also aware that this is a relatively large modification to the way of tasting in RumX and that is why I value feedback from all perspectives.

What is your basic impression of the new sliders? Are they better or worse than the old system? or is there maybe just one dimension missing or a renaming necessary?

For me, the most important advantage of the spider web charts is that after a while I think I found out how to predict from the charts of other app users if I will like rum or not. It does not work always, but often. I’m consulting the app very often before a buy. But it doesn’t work yet for me with the sliders.


I have given this a bit of thought now, and believe I prefer the old system. The spider web is actually just a visualization of sliders from 0 to 5, which is a common system to describe a taste profile.
As I understand, some people have issues to correctly select where i.e. the sweetness sliders are to be set for an Abuelo or Jamaica Rum. Personally I don’t think this is really an issue, as long as one is consistent with the individual Tastings.

The new sliders are just a different approach to the 0to5 scale, as it has the baseline in the middle instead of being on 0. I think there will be still people that do have issues with selecting the “right” slider position.

Where the old variant is better in my opinion is the visualization in form of the spider web (Visualizations are always good), that offers a good first overview on how the Rum may be. The 2 or 3 sliders do not offer this as well. Additionally, I feel the newer variant relies more on additional tasting notes.

If issues with understanding where to put the sliders is the only reason to seek a change, I suggest the following improvement: instead of having just 0 to 5 scores, just have a variable text next to each slider, which will show a short summary of each slider position, in example: very dry, dry, slightly sweet, sweet, very sweet and liqueur.

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Let me say it this way:
Currently we have 6 categories for “nose” and 7 for “mouth”, each independent from the others, from 0 to 5.
In future version there will be 4 for “nose” and 6 for “mouth”, but in pairs with the slider. So in reality it is more like 2 for “nose” and 3 for “mouth”. Slider for “sweet” and “dry” is like now sweet between 5 and 0.
Same is more or less valid also for the other sliders.


I was thinking about the spider chart again recently:

As I understand the Rum-X tasting notes offer a range of different criteria that describe a rums profile. This properties range from very general to most specific attributes like this (from general to specific):

  1. overall score
  2. colour
  3. nose/mouth sliders
  4. aftertaste selection (that should be a slider too in order to make the UI more consistent!)
  5. specific nose/taste/aftertaste attributes
  6. personal description

I sometimes find myself in kind of dilemma regarding option 3 (nose and mouth sliders, fresh vs. woody). Imagine a aged agricole rum that is “fresh” and “woody” at the same time. Keeping the slider in the middle does not reflect that impression to others and moving the slider to one or the other end neither does.

Secondly I find it much more easy to read a picture (spider chart) in opposite to read the sliders. I find myself immediately getting an idea of a rums profile when looking a spider chart.
I have tried to get used to the sliders over quite some time now but in the end I have to admit to prefer spider charts :slight_smile: :spider_web:

What about YOU? Do you have same or different experiences with the Rum-X Beta App?


This is exactly what I wanted to express. I would not like to be forced to choose between fresh and woody, because a rum can be both.
And I’m still not sure what fresh means, since it seems to replace two earlier categories, fruity and floral.
And I’m also thinking that with the spider charts you can recognize a rum profile at first glance, while I’m still struggling with the sliders.
Maybe the sliders are easier to use for beginners, bur we want to become experts after a wile, correct? :wink:

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Thank you for your valuable feedback! The topic around the new sliders is also still open for me and I’m thinking a lot about it. Before the official release, I would like to find out and implement the best possible variant here with the help of the community.

Personally, I’m actually still undecided what fits better in everyday life. Both methods have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Offering both at the same time, however, I would find a bit confusing and “overengineered”.

Therefore, I would suggest that we start a poll here in the forum by asking a general mood.

Which flavor profile description format do you prefer?

  • The old spider chart (intensity from 0-5)
  • The new counter-pole sliders

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A big point for me is, that a rum can be on both ends of the new chart!

Consider an old and fruity Caroni or some Demeraras, which have some dryness (due to long aging) but also bring some sweetness after a while or at start. The more complexer a rum gets, the more I have notes on both ends and have to decide, which one I value more or I just have to stay in the middle.

Therefore, the old spider web chart may be more difficult to read or needs more time, but after all I think it’s more usefull to understand the principal taste of a rum.


Hi, the query might be interesting for a broader user base than what we have in the forum. Is it possible to highlight a survey in the RumX App V1 itself somehow?

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Reviver. I am happy to hear any opinion. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

I’m happy to see the spider chart is back in the RumX2 app :star_struck:
Many thanks, @Oliver

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Yepp, makes me happy too! :wink: