RumX Rarities Experience: Day 4

Hey RumX Community!

It’s Day 4 of our RumX Rarities adventure! Tried the sample yet? Share your guesses and impressions below - distillery, age, ABV, and taste notes!

We’ll reveal today’s rum at 21:30. Stay tuned! :smirk::clock9:

Cheers and happy guessing! :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

Today's rum is:

Romdeluxe Hampden Wild Series Rum Jamaica No. 23 ( C<>H, 2020, 1yr, 86% | RX12036 | RumX

Did you recognise it? Please leave your comments and thoughts below


Hampden! Jetzt aber! Ich lehne mich aus dem Fenster und rate: RX6319


Hampden, maybe a C<>H from '93.


…hm, also der hat ja nur ‚nur‘ 54,4% :wink:


Hey everybody,

I wasn’t present in the discussion until now as I just received my samples this morning.

My guess it’s a Hampden with the smokiness and a lot of overripe fruits. I think I never had it in my glass.

What a wonderful rum ! Everything is there. Alcohol seems strong but is well integrated.
And the length…

It seems also an old rum, rounded by age, maybe in the 90’s, continental aged for the perfect balance it gives.
But really I don’t know.
Surely on the top list.
My guess (if it’s true thank you RumX !) RX271


No doubt on the nose we are heading to Jamaica, the esters and the glue notes are pretty strong in this one, with some overripe fruits in the ambush.

The mouth is super powerful, the touch of leather, tannins, fruits and ester is making this rum super intense. It’s definitely a high ester rum.

I feel however that this rum is too vivid and intense to be an old vintage Jamaica rum like Hampden 1990 or 1993.

I think we have an uncommon rum here, à Hampden would be the obvious choice, but my instinct is telling me that this one is a 2005 New Yarmouth. This distillery is always neglected as it’s not the most obvious choice but they produce one of the most flavorful and versatile rums of the island, and 2005 is a vintage known for being a high ester profile (WK for Winston Kennedy, the same level as the DOK). It could be the SBS, the Cave Guildive, the Wild Parrot or one of the Colpagnie des Indes bottlings.


Hampden is the obvious guess here.

I second that!

I’m leaning towards 2007 because of the sheer power, but it’s also a bit rough around the edges.

The second half of the palate feels smoky, as if there was a peaty cask involved.


And after checking out a few of my notes I say it could also be a 2009 DOK from Wild Parrot or Kintra too :sweat_smile:

I am a bit undecided ahah


Wow, super powerful even after sitting for 20+ minutes in the glass.

High ester Jamaica galore, C<>H or DOK would be my guess based on the intense tannins, dryness and rotten fruits. Alcohol is definitely there, but not in an offensive way, well integrated.

But also really not very mellow and hardly any wood, so maybe not that old? Damn, I need something to compare, it is really hard to blind test without reference :laughing:


It actually could be a 2007 Hampden with the C<>H mark too, I tried recently the Kill Devil and the Flensburg and that’s true that they were quite intense and pale too


Surely Jamaica and surely highest Ester League. I would also exclude the continental long aged vintages from the 90ies … the ones i’ve tried were more mature. This is definitely from the 20xx years and continentally aged.

I am also rather leaning towards Hampden as i am missing the cookie and almond notes from the NYs … so something like C<>H upwards, 60-65%, higher 20xx vintage


Would not rule out NY per se. The longer it sits, the less Hampden-esque it gets… maybe something wild like RX13186?

Today's rum is:

Romdeluxe Hampden Wild Series Rum Jamaica No. 23 ( C<>H, 2020, 1yr, 86% | RX12036 | RumX


Oh OK so much younger than expected


Holy smokes :exploding_head: now I feel drunk.

But I feel we had C<>H and a 2020 vintage, so I’m booking this as a win for us :rofl:


Damn, a real powerhouse :sweat_smile:


WTF :joy: this is crazy

I will check after listing the review :

Origin : Jamaica, Hampden ?
Nose : ester, solvant/glue, ripe banana/fruits
Taste : ahah, explosion ! Fruits, banana, strawberry, coco, esters, fat hot and smokey… damn !
End : agrumes/citrus, smokey

Seems young, like my Warehouse, and maybe 74% even if well integrated.


which one was it? I can’t see the disclosure in the thread

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This one :wink: