RumX Rarities Experience: Day 6

Hey RumX Community!

It’s Day 6 of our RumX Rarities adventure! Tried the sample yet? Share your guesses and impressions below - distillery, age, ABV, and taste notes!

We’ll reveal today’s rum at 21:30. Stay tuned! :smirk::clock9:

Cheers and happy guessing! :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

Today's rum is:

Did you recognise it? Please leave your comments and thoughts below


Ok also unaged, Nase sehr fruchtig mit vielen Estern, riecht dabei aber auch weich. Hätte fast Long Pond oder Hampden gesagt aber da wir Jamaica schon hatten, wird es schwieriger für mich. Ich tippe auf Bielle RX16236


Du riechst nur dran und gibst schon eine ID als Tipp ab? Den Riecher hätt ich auch gerne… :sweat_smile:


7:30 Uhr ist mir zu früh zum probieren. Aber wenn man die übrigen Länder + unaged + sehr fruchtige Noten anschaut, bleibt nicht viel bei einer hohen Bewertung übrig :face_with_monocle:

Und wenn es falsch ist, dann trainiere ich eben meine Nase mehr.


Inzwischen ist ja schon 10 Uhr :hugs:

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Home Office + alleine mit Kind zu Hause = Keine guten Rahmenbedingungen um 10 Uhr auf einem Mittwoch :laughing:


wir haben ja primär nach ‚Rarities‘ geschaut, das muss jetzt nicht immer top notch Bewertung sein

@DevidedByZero darf heute nicht mitraten :wink:

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Nein aber durchschnittlich 8.7 war ja die Ansage.

Ist ja auch egal, ändert alles nix an meinem Tipp


Daraus folgt, dass mindestens 1 Rum unter 8.7 sein muss, da wir gestern einen mit 9.3 hatten :nerd_face:
Der gute Pott in #11 wird’s richten (einer muss ja den Schnitt nach unten ziehen) :wink:


Trying to get rid of my flu to get back at tasting :frowning:

Toast guys, enjoy !


Get well soon. Flu sucks!

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A lot of overripe fruits in the nose, black banana, but also wax for wood and bitter notes like artichoke.
The mouth is also full of fruits, but also quite bitter notes, again artichoke and a very bitter fatty chocolate. But also strong flowerish notes.
The finish is a bit short and at the end you feel something sweet that was hidden before.
The empty glass is like the rum itself a huge range of aromas. Complexity but not so much depth.
A good rhum that lacks some ageing for my taste. It makes me think about Savanna GA or Herr :face_with_peeking_eye:


I am kinda struggling with this one (maybe because someone is preventing me from tasting my rum in peace too lol)

I don’t recon a lot in the nose, it looks a bit synthetic to me. The mouth is a bit more round and had some citrus fruits that are a little bit acid but I don’t feel tbh… actually regarding what’s remaining (one Martinique, one Marie Galante, one Barbados and 3 Guyana Rum) I am kinda undecided on this one


hmm …

It has a Nose with Cane Juice, Solvents (after a while even some glue?), Green Honeydew, citrus zest as well as some cool vegetal Notes with also some minerality and even hints of Vanilla (?)

The Palate starts sweet with solvents and glue, minerality, lots of fruit (melon and light coloured fruit), citrus and again some cool vegetal notes.

The obvious thing would be an unaged cane juice Rum (which just i hope it is to not loose a Guyana or the remaining Barbados :joy:).
In that case it is to me rather Marie Galante than Martinique due to the minerality and the vegetal notes. But i could not say if it is Bielle, Père Labat or even Bellevue.

But something feels strange about it … it does not have that 100% sure cane juice feel.

Well, it doen’t come close to any of my unaged Guyanas, and i did not taste any unaged Bayans. So i stick with MArie Galante and a strange feeling.


After letting it rest a bit I could feel a bit of solvent and some herbs too. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a white Foursquare, the 2015 is quite rare and would match when it comes to ratings and région too…


Alright that’s my guess then Foursquare white 2015 from HV

Today's rum is:


Fuck i chose the wrong one :sweat_smile:


Was this close to guess it !