RumX Rarities Experience: Day 7

Hey RumX Community!

It’s Day 7 of our RumX Rarities adventure! Tried the sample yet? Share your guesses and impressions below - distillery, age, ABV, and taste notes!

We’ll reveal today’s rum at 21:30. Stay tuned! :smirk::clock9:

Cheers and happy guessing! :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

Today's rum is:

Banks Port Mourant Connoisseur‘s Cut MPMM, 1997, 15yr, 59,58% | RX748 | RumX

Did you recognise it? Please leave your comments and thoughts below


Schon nach 4, jetzt darf ich…

Erster Eindruck Guyana/Versailles… würde auch zu den verbleibenden Möglichkeiten passen.

Heut Abend mehr…


It definitely feels like a continental aged Enmore distilled with the Versailles Still. The herbs, the spices and the bitterness are present throughout the whole tasting.

I have a feeling that this one is an Enmore from 1990.

Since there is a bottling from Distilia in the process, I would say that this one is one of the two Enmore MEV that Distilia bottled (blue or orange / yellow label)


Bois vernis, massepain, poire et ananas à peine mûr au nez.

Arômes s’amplifiant et s’équilibrant en bouche. Massepain et bois vernis toujours.

La finale n’est pas très longue, fine et se terminant sur des herbes amères. Un léger boisé fumé persiste très longtemps.

Un beau rhum très agréable avec une très grande buvabilité.

Comme il a des arômes de club anglais avec même un léger fumé, Demerara semble tout indiqué mais le côté herbes amères m’interpelle ainsi que la couleur très pâle.


Les notes d’herbes viennent de l’alambic Versailles, tandis que la couleur provient d’un vieillissement probablement full continental. J’ai goûté récemment le Enmore 1990 de The Whisky Jury et le profil ressemble grandement à celui-là.


Same here. I was also thinking of that bottle, however it is not quite it, is it? I have the impression the TWJ was even a bit more round.

Very elegant profile.

I’ll go out on a limb and say RX173


It’s actually quite similar indeed, but I find this sample a bit more deep and complex. I think it goes to either RX10572 or RX12427


Could very well be. I was looking for a “younger” (i.e. sub 30) and stronger (alc.) version, because I feel that it is more powerful than the TWJ. But I didn’t allow it to breathe properly yet – maybe that’s why. I’ll check back in 30mins.

Curious to hear what the others think.

Edit: Still feels stronger, around 60%ish. Everyone else asleep already?

Today's rum is:

Banks Port Mourant Connoisseur‘s Cut MPMM, 1997, 15yr, 59,58% | RX748 | RumX


Interesting turn, it’s true that we completely omit Port Mourant in the equation.

Thank you for this amazing rarities set, not disappointed at all ! :grin:


yepp :see_no_evil:

after resting the (for me) PM-typical pear schnaps notes are a bit more pronounced. still didn’t cross my mind…


What a great selection so far :hugs::tumbler_glass:


So if we sum things up here is what is still pending :

  • One rum from Marie Galante remaining
  • One rum from Martinique remaining
  • 2 Guyana Rum left
  • One participation from Distilia
  • A potentiel hint at the Uitvlugt 1997 ULR from Velier

The final 4 will be promising !