You're favourite tasting rum and coke

I love a good mixer with my rum and my fall back drink (if I don’t have a cocktail in my hand) is a rum and coke… So which rum makes your go to rum and coke?

Two rums that stand out for me so far are;

  1. Foursquare Destino
  2. Clarendon colours of rum Jamaica edition 2

Well… since you are starting things off with Destino & Coke, I can also recommend Caroni & Coke very much…

Especially the more dirty ones work very well.

However, this is nothing I‘d claim to be my go to choice tbh :sweat_smile:

If you have half a sample left which you don‘t feel like tasting a second time, desperately… a bit of coke really comes a long way :slight_smile:


Best rum’n coke I’ve ever had, was indeed made with leftover Caroni samples. It was a once in a lifetime drink probably, but it still sticks with me to this day!

Ever tried an Angricole with coke? It’s fresher and works well too.

Budget rums that work well are Veritas (/Probitas) and Neisson blanc. At the moment I’m using the CDI Jamaica 5 year blend, not bad either. Also used a couple of bottles of Worthy Park 109 (maybe add some lime).

In the flavor profile I like something’s that complements the sweetness of the coke or something that cuts through it.


I’d say Caroni or very old Enmore makes an amazzing Rum’n’Coke :slight_smile:


RX2147 with a coke is the real deal for me. That it was my first real flavorful white rum ( my gateway to rum) and I know how much hard work has gone into keeping it going, no brainer for me


“Leftover Caroni samples” - is this really possible!? :flushed: :blush:

Last time I had the Savanna Lontan 57.5 with coke - niiiice! :yum:


Also es gibt nicht den “Einen”, und ich möchte mal fast behaupten, dass ich derjenige bin mit der fast meisten ColaRum Erfahrung mittlerweile. :sweat_smile:
Zumindest wird man das hier im Forum angedichtet, warum auch immer :thinking:
Aber wenn ich einen herausheben kann, der mich mega geflasht hat, wäre es das Monster von Planteray.
3 stundem lang wie eine high ester Erdbeben cola danach im Mund gehabt. Sehr strange :+1:t2:


Can anyone recommend any types of cola to try, I’ve gone off coca cola?


Sometimes i mix it with Pepsi Zero, AfriCola or Sinalco


Sinalco, I haven’t heard that in a long time! Never realised it had German roots.


You should try the with a Rum and Coke!


I have tried so many low budget Rums and different kinds of coke / Pepsi and so on…
In the end I was looking for an „ always available“ Rum, also to offer to friends and on partys for masses of people.
So my favorite Rums are

  • Brugal anejo
  • Plantation Dark
  • Havana 7 years

Always with standard Coca Cola with ice cubes and a dash of lemon juice


I always thought wtf.

Then my misery started with Savanna Thunderstruck and Fevertree Gingerbeer.

Ended up at a Tasting @Cave Guildive tasting with Felix where we ended up drinking CG Caroni Coke. Fantastic. :joy: They even sold this drink at the GRF 2023, sold out already on Sat. :joy: