Jamaica rum marks

Jamaica rum marks are especially interesting if you want to know what you can expect ester wise. The Cocktail Wonk has a nice roundup I found during my research which I often use for reference myself.


Excellent resource, @Chris !

For Hampden marks and associated vintages I often refer to BAT:

His marks/vintages table sadly isn’t updated, and there sometimes pop up releases that don’t fit the table:

  • Swell de Spirits allegedly bottled a 2011 <>H
  • Smögen claims to have bottled a 2007 LROK

Both should be a different mark or a different vintage, unless the table is incomplete. Label errors can not be ruled out, either. Has happened in the past, will happen again.

The other interesting thing are “secret” Jamaicans. For instance JMH and JMM by Thompson Bros. JMH kind of hints towards Hampden, JMM sounds like Monymusk… but now Serge suggests it is a Hampden, too. Ah, the fun we have :laughing:

I’d be very, very surprised if its actually a LROK. The C<>H was a test batch while hampden was closed. I don’t believe they’ve done different marks. I guess this new bottler doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ll tell you after tasting the sample. Or maybe @splashi007 can tell already.

And JMH and JMM are regularly used broker marks. The JMM is a Monymusk, no doubt, but Serge just isn’t into rum theory.

What’s new regarding hampden is, that since the last two years more than one mark is released by IBs in one vintage. In the past they didn’t do this. For us it makes it harder to be sure, but on the other hand more interesting, too. So with a very little chance the 2007 maybe, maybe is a LROK.

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hard for me to say. I didn’t have continental Hampdens for a long time.

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That’s what I thought, too – then again, he probably has the phone number of Dornoch Castle. A bit surprising he’s going that far out on a limb.

Ha, I didn’t want to say it, but I agree. Especially with so many other 2007* vintages beeing released lately. Luckily the difference between C<>H and LROK is large enough to clearly taste it (unless you’re out of training, like splashi … someone get this man a glass of Hampden, quick!)

*) 2007 is not mentioned on the label and 2006 is theoretically possible, but even more unlikely than an LROK from 07.

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Apparently, the bottler says it’s from 2007 as the shops (Weinquelle, Whizita) do name the vintage, which they won’t if the bottler provides no vintage.

The most interesting news regarding Jamaican Rum Marks this year probably was the HJF Hampden Mark, which was completely unknown before.

LMDW says " “HJF”, an old mark we have never sold before, with an ester content of 668 " - which probably is the ester count after aging which initially should be between LROK and HCLF (at least 300, maximum 600?). The ester range of the Hampden Marks has been disjunctive and the HJF seems to be the first mark that shares its ester range with already existing marks. The ester ranges vary a bit throughout the different lists. In some lists there is a gap between LROK and HCLF which might be a good match for the HJF

And Plantation usually is known for tropically aged rums. Hampden is known for not aging their own rum before the reopening. So if this 2002 HJF is tropically aged it has aged somewhere else and not on Hampden estate.

okay okay… I will compare it to the Flensburg 2007 and the Duncan Taylor 2000 tomorrow.


So the nose of the Kinghaven and the Flensburg is nearly the same. In the palate the Kinghaven is a bit more watery but should be a C<>H as well.



Die Kinghaven gibt es zur Zeit bei „limited-rum.de“!
Hampden : 129€
Fiji: 99 €

Und bei Rums Eck
Hampden: 124.90€
aber nur 2 Stück auf Lager …

125€ für nen halben Liter… Frechheit. Sehr unsympathischer Einstand für einen Abfüller, der erst seit Kurzem im Rum-Segment unterwegs ist und dann auch noch Quatsch aufs Label schreibt. Da waren die zwei 07er von The Duchess eindeutig der bessere Deal :crazy_face:


Ich habe mir mal die Zeit genommen und den Smögen Kinghaven Hampden (“LROK”?, RX11063) mit dem Rumclub Ed. 21 HD 2000 (LROK, RX11190) und dem Kill Devil 2007 11yo (C<>H, RX1921) verglichen.
Nach der Verkostung besteht für mich kein Zweifel, dass es sich bei dem Smögen um einen C<>H handelt.


Danke dir. Für mich war relativ schnell klar, dass es ein Fehler sein muss. 125€ für 0,5 Liter ist auch mal ein sportlicher Preis

There is one more HJF on the market.

Old Brothers 2002. 826 gram/hL esters, which is very close to <>H.
But steep pricing ;). 253€ for 0,5 liters and only 53,6 %.

What is this rum?

The app says it’s a hampden 2008.there is no confirmed hampden 2008 yet. The distillery was closed and the 2007 C<>H the only known batch during the closure.

There are a lots of wps, clarendon and one LP.

So what is the mist likely answer ?

Die gleiche Überlegung hatte ich auch, als ich den Rum gesehen habe!
Irgendetwas ist da nicht stimmig!

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Gibt auch andere HD Abfüllungen aus 2008 Rum Jamaica Hampden 2008 online im Barrique-Shop bestellen (der ist nicht in der RumX Datenbank). Von Hunter Laing/Kill Devil gibt es HD aus 2007. Geschlossen war die Distillerie von 2003 bis 2009 allerdings kam es u.a. laut Barrel Aged Thoughts in der Zeit zu Probedestillationen die ja durchaus zu Abfüllungen geführt haben können. Ist immerhin ein Single Cask Rum, da reicht es ja wenn ein Fass produziert wurde :smiley: ob sich das dann gegenüber den “anderen” abhebt sei mal dahingestellt :wink:

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Das lässt sich eigentlich nur auf einem Weg herausfinden…


2007 er HD gibt es ja mehrere , aus 2008 war mir bislang keiner bekannt! Mein Rum-Budget ist leider erschöpft, sonst hätte ich eine zur Probe bzw. Splitting bestellt!

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