Tell Us What You Want in RumX: Your Ideas Matter!

Hey everyone!

Big thanks to all of you who have joined RX+! Your support is super important and helps us make RumX even better.

We’re excited to hear what you think should come next in the app. This is your chance to let us know what features you’d really like to see in the future. Here’s how you can share your ideas:

  • Tell us your ideas: What would make your RumX experience better? Any cool features you’ve been thinking of? We’re all ears!
  • Like the ideas you love: If someone else’s suggestion sounds great to you, give it a thumbs up or a quick reply. This helps us see what’s most popular.
  • Stay engaged: We’ll be reading all your suggestions and might ask questions to understand more. Your feedback is key to what we do next.

We’re here to make RumX the best it can be, with your help. So, let’s get creative and think of all the ways we can enjoy rum even more.

Can’t wait to see your suggestions!

Oliver & Jakob


I’ll start with a feature that I personally would like to see: Blind Tastings! Perfect for fun blind tasting sessions with friends or also the RumX (advent) calendar.

How does it work? Tasting notes can be created and saved virtually “in blank”. At a later point in time, this rating can be assigned to a specific rum. The tasting is labelled as a “blind tasting” in the feed.


And in the same step with blind tastings (even if said already many times before) also to rate a group of rums in the same go (blind or not blind) in direct comparison


Oh and another thing: i would like to be able to check if a person has or has not rated a certain rum without having to go through all the ratings of a rum manually.
Like for example if you make a surprise sample for someone Nd you want to check quickly if he has rated it or not


I would love to be able to make a note on friends, like where we met the first time etc.

Multiple dates and locations of tasting i.e. when retasting :blush:


For me it will be the only big wish to handle the messages better. That you can search and sort the messages. And can make own folders. :sweat_smile:
That would be easier to handle multiple splits.


first up i miss the web (from the spiderweb)… i am very used with that and maybe thats why i miss it a lot.
And also would like to have a switch to make it possible to see the hammer price. Which has effect on the value of the collection but especially make it easier to calculate in case that i want to bid on any auction. With fees could still stay the standard.
Very happy that nothing stucks on the iphone 8 :sweat_smile:

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To me this feature is most important. We discussed it before (comparative tasting).
This would be a big step forward.


I’d love to comment tasting notes directly in the app or with a seamless integration here. Discussion about the tasting experience is separated from the documentation of this experience at the moment.


Great idea, so the comments can be commented. If I understand you well.

But only by someone that has already commented on that specific rum or that is actually commenting on that specific rum, otherwise it will become messy quickly. So it will stay a comparison and not an open letter to express on anything.


My idea is a comment attached to a tasting note by a user.


So my idea is a little different : having the possibility of giving a comment to the tasting notes of somebody else but only if I already have tasted or if I’m actually tasting that same rum to promote different experiences of a tasting and to avoid general talking.


but if I tried a similar rum or I’m interested in more details to decide whether I get a sample or a bottle, I might want to comment without having tasted the rum before.

For your purpose tagging people inside the text of a tasting note would be an interesting feature as well.


Some visual indicator near the bottle picture that this one is on one of your created (wish)lists

A shared list should start with the username. This would make it more clear if several people use the same name for their list (they want to share)

Edit: i just saw that both already have some kind of implementation. :+1::heart:


Für mich wäre es ein große Hilfe, wenn ich direkt Vergleiche zwischen meinen bisherigen Tastingnotizen gleichgelagerter Rums mit einem aktuellen Tasting vornehmen könnte.


Super Feature, das will ich auch!


Writing for the thread “giving rums a second chance” I had the idea of mentioning in your tasting if it’s a first, second, third tasting as rums can improve and your tasting abilities can vary. Mentioning the number of tastings gives an additional information to a tasting and can give more weight or seriousness to it.

But to avoid a real mess, a second/third tasting is mentioned only after 48 hours as you must have the possibility to correct your tasting notes freely during that time. I do it a lot, the corrections I mean.


I would like to know your opinion on this: Do you want these forums to be any kind of an alternative to r/rum? I’ve been browsing and reading, and in some ways it’s actually more chaotic than reddit. Reddit has post voting/ranking so users can collectively raise good posts and lower bad posts. Reddit also has post moderation (with inconsistent efficacy for sure). In the short time I’ve been browsing, I’ve already found some really questionable posts that reddit would have either removed or downvoted to oblivion (like some guy posting pictures of his sleeping wife? What? Is this Instagram?). The top two categories here are ‘post your bottle pics’, and ‘what are you drinking’, which are the two most hated types of posts on r/rum. I understand that I can just ignore those categories, and I certainly will, but it’s an indication of what the future holds here. Chaos spreads if not checked. I’m really looking for a reason to dedicate time and participate here, but I’m just not sure what the plan is. I’m not looking for more chaos. Thanks.

So for what you are looking? What do you expect?


What is the point of your post really besides trolling?!
If reddit is that cool, you might want to stay there and leave us alone. Thanks!