April Tasting Lottery: Win Rum Sponge Sets & Join an Exclusive Online Tasting! 🎉

Dear RumX Community,

we are excited to announce the latest edition of our “Tasting Lottery” for April! This month, we are thrilled to partner with Decadent Drinks LTD, better known as “Rum Sponge”, to bring you an extraordinary opportunity to taste some exceptional rums. Angus MacRaild, the mastermind behind Rum Sponge and co-author of the renowned WhiskyFun blog, has generously provided us with 30 exclusive sets of the following rums (2cl each):

  • Enmore 1992, Rum Sponge No. 15 (RX13722)
  • Long Pond 2004, Rum Sponge No. 17 (RX15420)
  • Barbados 2005 & 2007, Rum Sponge No. 19 (RX15617)
  • Barbados 2000, Rum Sponge No. 18 (RX14916)
  • Clarendon 2007, Rum Sponge No. 13 (RX13321)

But that’s not all! The lucky winners will also be invited to a one-of-a-kind online tasting event with Angus himself, who will guide you through his exceptional releases and share fascinating insights from the world of rum. The exact date will be communicated shortly, please give us and Angus some more time to get everything organized.

How can you win a sample set?
To participate in the April Tasting Lottery, simply share a tasting note with a new photo in the RumX app during the month of April. Each tasting note you post will earn you one ticket, increasing your chances of winning this fantastic experience. The winners will be announced right here in the RumX Community Forum on May 1st. *

Can’t wait to taste the rums?
We launched our new in-app shopping feature yesterday, where Rum Sponge’s releases can be purchased conveniently through the app:

Don’t miss your chance to explore these remarkable rums and learn from the expert, Angus MacRaild! Huge thanks to Angus and the team behind for this fantastic opportunity! :star_struck::raised_hands:t3:

Good luck to all, and happy tasting! :four_leaf_clover::tumbler_glass:

Your RumX Team

* Please note: Participants must be at least 18 years old and have a shipping address within the EU.


First comment​:raised_hands:t3::sweat_smile: 30 sample sets wow! And it’s not April fools? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray:


30!? Wow now I have to taste even more this month…my wife kills me :laughing:


The credit goes to Angus! :heart:


Oh my, this is amazing! Time to bust out some more samples.


Thank god my wife is on a business trip for most of April :joy:


Dann kann es ja endlich am Ostermontag nach der langen Fastenzeit wieder losgehen! @Oliver ,da hast du echt eine schöne monatliche Reihe gestartet :slight_smile:


Der Enmore uhd der Clarendon stehen ganz oben auf meiner Wunschliste. Da werde ich mich diesen Monatliche mehr ins Zeug legen müssen


Didnt know about Sponge Rum
Hope to try this Next month :wink:


Yay another lottery :partying_face: maybe this time I will be the lucky one!
Oliver, you know, we are getting seriously used to this kind of alcohol/gambling combo :joy:.


30 sets sounds like a fair chance for everybody, great stuff! :star_struck:


Hey, I know there already were discussions about the fairness of (re-)posting tastings with photos added while the original intention was probably to mainly add new tastings with photos which really happened at that time. Now they are of course a few shades in exploiting that system. Probably the most dubious is making a gallery of all your samples and bottles (even unopened) and posting them all within a month without having really tasted them at that time. Perfect fairness does not exist, I know, but this is…I don’t know… “not so cool”. Any idea on how to create more fairness?


Adding text as a must will avoid this.
Anyway I think posting a testing without written notes is not really interesting. Just a quote ? Who will be interested if you cannot argue your x.x/10 ?

But is it a real problem? As when the dude opens the bottle/sample he will do the proper job, just later.


I don’t care about the content of these tastings at all, but about the dubious lottery entries and how they effect everyone’s chances.


Warum erhöhen sich meine Tickets nicht mehr? Müsste eigentlich schon mind. 2 mehr haben?

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In der App auf der Startseite siehst Du oben auch einen Live-Counter. Als Los zählt jede Verkostung im April mit einem neuen Verkostungsfoto. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Ja Olli,den seh ich,da ändert sich aber nix mehr. :man_shrugging:

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Hat sich erledigt, es fehlte das Bild. :wink:


The last hours are running to secure any more tickets for the Rum Sponge Tasting Lottery and boost your chance of winning one of the coveted sets. Taste now in the RumX app! :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

Current ranking in the lottery pot (30.04.2023 23:05):

Username Raffle ticket count
Kevin Sorensen :denmark: 123
Searching… 106
Vincent D 92
Jakob 85
The Epicurean 57
Dris 54
Stefan Persson 52
The little dRUMmer boy AkA rum_sk 50
BTHHo :tumbler_glass: 48
crazyforgoodbooze 48
Andi 47
Lawich Lowaine 47
Johannes 44
Mirco 42
Jakub Stařičný 41
Werner10 40
Morgan Garet 40
Tim 40
Martin Ekrt 37
Mike H. 37
Rodolphe 37
Rhum Mirror :belgium: 37
Basti 36
Jonas 34
TheRhumhoe 34
Kamil Křenek 32
Gregor 31
Dom M 30
Serge 30
xJHVx 29
Tschusikowsky 29
Johnny Rumcask 28
Oliver 28
Thunderbird 27
Alex1981 27
Tof Sp. 24
Djehey 23
passlemix 23
SaibotZtar 21
Christian Rudt 20
Pavol Klabník 20
Michael Ihmels :de: 19
Gunnar Böhme “Bauerngaumen” :nerd_face: 19
Piotr Ignasiak 18
Sebastian.W 18
Alex Kunath 18
alex 17
Adrian Wahl 17
Madi Dromamad 16
Rare Akuma 16
Frank 16
Mateusz 16
F.L.O. 15
Philip M. :belgium: 15
Jarek 15
Fabrice Rouanet 15
Aaron Adams 14
Timo Groeger 14
Kieron Wood 14
Leo Tomczak 13
w00tAN 13
Clément Boetto​:drooling_face::fr: 12
Ondra RumRunner 12
Lukas Jäger 12
Werni 12
Cedric_ 11
Buddudharma 11
Righrum 11
cigares 11
Jaroslaw Sekula 11
Giorgio Garotti 10
mto75 10
Jakob Fischer 10
Joachim Guger 8
Paul Hahn 8
Nivius 8
Martin Kristiansen 8
Artur Schönhütte 8
Decky Hicks Doughty 7
Tom Buteneers 7
Galli33 7
mrflat 7
Tom the gardener 7
Rosenbech 7
Pavel Spacek 7
Beach-and-Rum :beach_umbrella::palm_tree: 6
Christina L. 6
Yuv Gold 6
Lutz Lungershausen 6
Luca 5
Quent187 5
ordogh 5
Robert M. 5
Godspeed 5
Rowald Sweet Empire 5
RumBarfly 5
Blaidor 5

A total of 2,498 lots from 187 community members are in the lottery pot.


Its tiiiiiiime :smiling_imp::joy: